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Powerful signal phone jammers with adjustable frequencies and radius

HPJ1000 Powerful 60W desktop jammer
The HPJ1000 is a device that has many exciting features. This model is explicitly designed for signal transmission. At the same time, it is large enough, so moving it isn't easy. This device can be used to jam telephone signals over a wide range. With a jammer, you can block all common types of sign..
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HPJ1000-5G Powerful desktop jammer
The HPJ1000-5G is a jammer with a wide range of features and many differences compared to its peers. This model is explicitly designed to work with powerful output signals. However, the device cannot be used portable. It is a desktop jammer that can be used to block cell phone signals on all standar..
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HPJ16-5G - All in one desktop jammer
The HPJ16-5G is a jammer that operates from 130 to 5800 MHz. Below you can find all the operating frequencies:Configuration #1 5G-EURConfiguration#2 5G+5GHz-EURConfiguration #3 5G-USAConfiguration #4  5G+5GHz-USA758-830MHz: 3.0W 5G, 4G LTE Low 758-830MHz: 3.0W ..
$1 499.00
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HPJ16-5G-H - Powerful All-in-one desktop jammer
The HPJ16-5G-H is a jammer operating from 130 to 5800 MHz with a high output of 5 to 10 watts. Below you can see the operating frequencies of the device:Configuration #1 5G-USAConfiguration#2 5G+5GHz-USAConfiguration #3 5G-EURConfiguration #4  5G+5GHz-EUR758-830MHz: 10W 5G, 4G ..
$1 990.00
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SPEC5 Desktop 2.4GHz, 5GHz WIFI jammer - 10Watt
SPEC5 is a modern jammer that operates on new WIFI frequencies spanning 5GHz. This range is used in many modern devices, providing a high speed of processing and sending information. Among the main advantages of such equipment, a wide range of exposure should be chosen.Many home routers operate on t..
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JF100 Wall mounted meeting room jammer
The JF100 is a wall-mounted jammer that operates over a wide range. This device can be easily installed at home or in the office. Due to its versatility, this device can be used by teachers to protect the confidentiality of information during exams and help students learn. The mobile phone jammer op..
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RCJ40-D Adjustable Powerful Desktop Mobile Jammer
RCJ40-D is a modern desktop jammer that supports different standards for jamming 4G mobile internet signals. The device operates within a radius of up to 40 meters. This device can block all 4G signals regardless of frequency or operator. It is enough to specify the parameters of the equipment opera..
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MG-40 | 8 bands All frequencies desktop powerful jammer
The MG-40 is a fixed jammer that works to block different frequencies. It has eight working antennas, so it simultaneously stops eight various bands at a distance of up to 60 meters. This is the perfect jammer for indoor or outdoor use. The operating temperature range is -40-50 degrees Celsius. Powe..
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KBJ70 Powerful Desktop Jammer
The KBJ70 is a powerful jammer that works over a wide range. The range is 60 meters. This device is most effective for blocking different listening devices and ensuring your data's privacy. No one can track your location or listen to conversations using the device. This is high-quality and useful eq..
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HPJ16 - All major frequencies desktop jammer (16 bands)
The HPJ16 is the first jammer in the world that is capable of operating at wide frequencies from 130 to 2700 MHz. You can carefully review all available frequencies:Configuration #1 - All in one130-200MHz: VHF, Lojack, Walkie Talkie 200-300MHz: VHF, Lojack, Walkie Talkie 300-400MHz: 315MHz: Ca..
$1 399.00
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HPJ20-H - All frequencies desktop jammer (20 bands)
The HPJ20-H is a jammer that operates over a wide frequency range from 130 to 5900 MHz. This functional silencer allows you to turn off all signals in the available field.The impact radius is at least 20 meters. This setting can be adjusted to suit individual needs. You can select the optimum f..
$2 190.00
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One desktop jammer can disable up to 20 frequencies at the same time

These powerful devices, in contrast to portable signal jammers, are designed for continuous operation in one specific place. Their work is ensured by connecting to the mains. They usualy weight up to 15-20 kg, and therefore it is not difficult to transfer from one place to another if necessary. What is typical for desktop phone jammers, you can choose one of the models which will give you an opportunity to jam several signals at once in various frequency ranges, the number of which ranges can vary between 5 to 20.

How do they work

This device is installed in a specific place and after it is connected to the power supply. Then the appropriate mode is selected (depending on the task). In addition, a combined mode is possible to provide double protection. After that, the device begins to emit ultrasonic waves that are inaccessible to the human ear, but very effectively affects various mobile phone frequencies: GSM, 4G, 5G, WIFI, audio recording devices, drone frequencies and even remote controls.

Where are they used

First of all, desktop phone jammers, the cost of which depends on a number of factors, are characterized by a high degree of versatility. They work great in any premises, so you can calmly negotiate during the business meetings . They also proved to be excellent during work when students passed the exam (on our website we have few models specially adjusted for this goal).

Main advantages

- large radius of action (up to 100 meters inclusive);
- easy to move from one room to another;
- jamming of a signal in a wide frequency range;
- jamming frequencies can be quickly adjusted;


What desktop jammers we are offering ?
You can order desktop phone jammers from us, working on the principle of both circular and directional action. A wide selection of prices is offered, ranging from budget models and ending with those that are above average.
Can you send high power jammer to my country?
We offer free worldwide shipping by DHL, UPS or FedEx
Which frequencies our all-in-one jammers can disable
Up to 20 frequencies at the same time. For instance our HPJ20-H jammer can completely jam all frequencies in the 130-5900MHz range
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