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Bug, listening device and spy camera detectors

Bug detector K18 | Portable Signal Detector 1-6500MHz
Listening or spying is a rather unpleasant experience for you and your loved ones. Many scammers have recently been using special listening devices to get their business done. These devices are compact, so they are difficult to notice independently. That is why detecting and blocking such spy device..
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Drone Detector
A Drone Detector is a device that allows you to timely detect, turn on or turn off the anti-unauthorized flight systems of small uncrewed aerial vehicles. This device has a range of up to 700 meters.Drone Detector can work in passive mode to detect drones. After that, he gives a signal to the securi..
$18 000.00
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UltraSonic - Voice recorder jammer
Scope of useJammer UltraSonic has a wide range of effects. The device is used to ensure the confidentiality of information during business meetings and negotiations. Due to the built-in battery, the device can be used during a business trip at outdoor events.FunctionalityInterference extends 360 deg..
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Ultrasonic-Spy - voice recorder jammer
Ultrasonic-Spy is a particular blocking device that is used to secure the pursuit of recording devices. It is the best solution for office and industry negotiations. The jammer is equipped with special ultrasonic emitters. They affect microphones that record devices, preventing the distribution of s..
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Bug and bugging device electronic detectors

Bug and listening devices

While bigger part of all inhabitants of our planet is nice people, there are still enough bad guys which can annoy you or even put you in danger. Among those bad guys might be your business competitors, jealous neighbors, ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends, and even members of your own family. Any of those people can secretly install hidden camera or microphone to record video and audio materials about you and then use them with bad intentions or just in their advantage. Let us explain every case with more details.

Professional bug detectors

If you have your own business, you definitely have competitors. Some of them are sincere people who like the spirit of competition and honestly trying to make their products and services better to outmatch you and other competitors as well. The rest is a bunch of shady guys who will use any measures in order to become the number one in the industry. Among those measures might be industrial espionage or even blackmail, but to do that they need to hide some spy cameras to picture some videos or at least microphone for eavesdropping. But if you have Bug Detectors in your hands, you will easily discover all hidden surveillance equipment in any room of the building.

The same applies to jealous neighbors, ex-boy or girlfriends and members of your family as well. All of them are trying to get some facts about your private life to use them later in their advantage. And again the best way for them to get those videos or audio records is to hide cameras or microphones inside your house. Those things are wireless because evildoers have no time to get wire so you can discover all electronic surveillance devices secretly placed inside your house with the help of products from this category.

Spy camera detection

By the way, our company has devices which can help you not only to find all hidden cameras and microphones in your house but also Spy Camera Jammers which can effectively block signals of those surveillance equipment.

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