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Why Choose Jammer Store ?

1. The range of our products is quite big because we strive to meet all your demands and necessities. We developed devices for you to be able to block any of the most used frequency bands. Among the frequencies you can block there are GPS and GLONASS satellite tracking systems, cell phone networks which use GSM, CDMA, 3G and GPRS frequencies, wireless internet connections provided by WiFi and Bluetooth frequency ranges, low frequency UHF and VHF bands, and many more. Our devices can not only deal with separate frequencies but also they can stop few signals at once. That is why you can prevent many complex modern devices from violating your privacy with help of our products. With the development of the electronics industry we are trying to predict your expectations and create new devices or improve the old ones in order to satisfy your needs.

2. The quality of all our products is at the first place. Always. Every single product is tested before its shipment. This makes us sure that you will get your device in the same state that it was right after the manufacturing process – unbroken and operating. We have our own factories in Japan, China, Taiwan and South Korea where all our products are manufactured. When you make an order, device is shipped from the storages of those factories to you by DHL delivery operator. You can see the quality stickers of Jammer Store Company on every product because they have all necessary certificates. The chain of production and delivery of your order is so tried-and-true that you can be sure of getting what you have paid for. We are not selling cheap fakes under our brand in any circumstances.

3. Six years of experience made us the biggest manufacturer in the anti-signal industry. The best evidence for that is a huge number of satisfied clients we have. From the very beginning we are doing our best in order to help you protect your safety and privacy rights. All those positive feedbacks of yours make us happy and this happiness helps us to work even better for you, making the standards of our products and services higher and higher through time.

4. We are trying to keep prices of all our products as low as it is possible. Huge demand on our devices created by our customers help to effectively minimize the prime cost of our products by using the mass production technologies at all our facilities. Although we massively produce all those devices, their quality is always remains the same as it was during the piece production. Moreover, to the lowest possible prices we have added a free DHL shipping of all your orders, which in combination makes the conditions of getting your device even more comfortable.

5. We are not a small local dealer but huge international corporation that works with most major credit cards and payment systems. We are always trying to make advances towards you and receive your payments with the payment system that is most comfortable for you to use. If you cannot find your favorite payment system of the payment system that you have used to use – feel free to contact us and we will discuss the matter to find a solution of your problem. By the way, you can use our e-mail and contact form not only to get help on any of the issues which might arise but also to leave a feedback, opinion, criticism or something else regarding our services, products and overall website performance. We will answer your letter as quickly as possible.

Thank you for choosing us, we appreciate that very much and will not let you down!

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