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Military Jammers

Falcon - powerful military/convoy pelican case cell jammer (800W)
Falcon is an ideal solution for protection of VIP's and groups of people from radio controlled bombs explosions. With the help of it's wide range of 500-1000 meters it will prevent the leakage of important information through the intercepting units during confidential talks. It will fully disable al..
$18 000.00
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PRO45 High power mobile phone jammer (135W)
PRO-45 is one of the most powerful cell phone jammers which are currently presented on the market. With 135W of output power this blocker is able to disable all GSM, 3G, CDMA, 4G, GPS, Lojack, WIFI, GPS etc. frequencies in the radius up to 150 meters. It mainly used for the areas where the w..
$1 990.00
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RCJ-80 High Power 4 frequencies jammer (100W)
This powerful desktop jammer with 4 directional antennas can be configured to jam any 4 in radius between 50-150 meters. The jamming radius of each antenna/frequency can be manually adjusted with the special regulators. The power of each antenna is between 20W-40W, making the total output powe..
$1 880.00
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Eagle - High Power Military Bomb Jammer (200W)
Eagle - High Power 8 bands mobile phone Jammer with jamming range between 100-200 meters. Can be supplied with directional or omni-directional antennas. Designed for the protection of VIP’s and groups of people from radio controlled improvised explosion by disabling the radio exploder control lines ..
$9 500.00
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Military jammers are intended to deal with such threat that makes all possible privacy issues look unimportant in comparison with this global danger. I am talking about terrorist threat. The danger of ending up in the middle of a terrorist act with hand-made bombs (or like they are often called – Improvised Explosive Devices, or shortly IEDs) exploding nearby, hurting and killing people beside you. This is terrifying… But military forces made special devices to counter this threat in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, where soldiers are exposed to IED threat every single day. Military jammers are used by all those soldiers to simply keep them alive. However, they can be also used by citizens, the only difference between them and other blockers that military blockers are very powerful and able to jam different frequencies at the same time. So it could be a great solution to use military signal jammer in your vehicle, for example, to prevent all tyes of spy tracking.

During the peace-time devices from this category might be used with many other purposes which might become very helpful to civilians. They can deal with GSM and 3G frequency bands, effectively protecting you from many threats related to those frequencies. Among those threats are law enforcement agencies which adore eavesdropping of your cell phone, get your private data from mobile phone carriers and track your location with the help of cell phone tower triangulation technology. 3G frequency is also pose dangers like exposure of your cell phone to digital probing, cameras which stream pictured video via 3G band, and so on. But our products are great against all those things.

As long as devices from this category can handle WiFi and Bluetooth frequency bands as well, their peace-time usage becomes even wider. With the help of our products you can get rid of many indoor tracking technologies trying to find out in what spot of the building you exactly are, and protect yourself from being snooped via hidden wireless cameras, microphones or even your own webcam, hacked by law enforcements or some bad guys. Moreover, smart home systems which might be also used to spy on you will be covered by our devices which prevent your privacy from being violated.

Devices from this category are totally reliable, but they are not as powerful as original military jammers because those are the models for civil usage. If you need more powerful devices to deal with some wireless issues, there are High Power Jammers available for you.

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