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High power radar, vehicle and drone jammer devices

CPC-300 - Cell Phone Black/White list Controlling System
CPC-300 is an efficient blacklist and whitelist management system used to emulate GSM, DCS, 3G UMTS, WCDMA, CDMA2000, TD-SCDMA, 4G LTE mobile phone signals. This unit is in standby and location update mode. It collects all information about the working equipment in the affected area, after..
$65 000.00
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Falcon - powerful military/convoy pelican case cell jammer (800W)
Falcon is a device to protect VIPs and groups of people from explosions and bombs. This device has a wide range of up to 1000 meters. With it, you will avoid leaking valuable information or intercepting conversations. This device works with many frequencies, including CDMA, 4G, UMTS, 3G, LTE, and ot..
$18 000.00
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Falcon DDS - powerful military/convoy jammer
Falcon DDS is a solution for protecting VIPs and people from directed explosions. This device can operate within a range of up to 1000 meters. It allows you to protect yourself from interception of essential conversations and leakage of confidential information. The device completely jams such frequ..
$35 000.00
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PRO45 High power mobile phone jammer (135W)
PRO45 is a phone jammer that is very popular with many people. The device has a power of 135 watts. It can block standard 4G, WIFI, GSM, GPS, and many more frequencies. The radius of influence reaches 150 meters. The jammer is used where you need to block mobile communications.The signal works great..
$1 990.00
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RCJ-80 High Power 4 frequencies jammer (100W)
This powerful desktop jammer with four directional antennas can be configured to jam any 4 in a radius between 50-150 meters. The jamming radius of each antenna/frequency can be manually adjusted with particular regulators. The power of each antenna is between 20W-40W, making the total ou..
$1 880.00
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Eagle - High Power Military Bomb Jammer (200W)
The Eagle is a powerful jammer with eight ranges up to 200 meters. This device can be equipped with directional or universal antennas. This device is designed to protect VIPs and groups of people from explosions and other hazards. With this device, you can protect confidential data from leakage.Jamm..
$9 500.00
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Powerful military signal jammers and GPS jamming devices

State-of-the-art systems for jamming signals for military purposes, blocking vehicle tracking, protecting the environment, and many other tasks

Special devices are used to jam signals to protect the safety of personal data in various militarized places, places of deprivation of liberty. These can be various powerful jammers for phones that are of high quality and safety standards. Such installations are used when communicating with the guilty to establish the details of the case, clarify various issues, and solve operational problems. The jammer is a reliable and secure device that helps to block many unwanted signals, being responsible for the safety and protection of personal data in the process. If you want to use this security tool, only powerful and modern equipment options are used, distinguished by high performance and quality rates. You can also actively use these types of jammers for personal purposes to ensure the privacy and security of the residential area and protection from wiretapping.

Characteristics of modern tracking equipment

Compared to stationary or mobile devices, this equipment can cost in the region of two thousand dollars. Such installations have a wide range of effects and high efficiency. It is also possible to use such a tracking device for commercial purposes. For example, they are in demand at military bases, various manufacturing plants, and secret organizations that work with drones and other tracking equipment. Military jammers are in demand in a variety of fields. They are used in manufacturing plants and are also used by companies that are engaged in various personal developments. The high efficiency and effectiveness of the equipment in the fight against various terrorist organizations are noted, which makes it possible to protect the security of information.

Unique equipment properties

The online store presents a large selection of different equipment that can be purchased for work in prisons at manufacturing enterprises. Jammers are in demand to protect personnel and ensure work with prisoners. You can familiarize yourself with all the parameters of the equipment in order to choose the best solution for your tasks. If you have any questions, please contact us online.

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