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GPS jammers and signal blockers

APJ-16 - portable All in one jammer
First portable jammer ever which can completely jam all frequencies in the 164-5900MHz range. Just have a look at the frequencies that this jammer can fully disable: APJ-16 for Europe ..
$1 200.00
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GJ6 Portable All Civil Bands GPS Jammer, anti tracking device
GJ6 is our best GPS jammer. It is a handheld device that is specialized at working against all kinds of civil GPS frequencies (L1 L2 L3 L4 L5), LoJack and GLONASS tracking devices (which very popular in Russia). You can use this product at home, while walking somewhere or even in your car wh..
$395.00 $459.00
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GP5000 Car Anti-Tracking GPS Blocker, Navigation jammer
GP5000 is our special car GPS jammer. We designed this small yet very handy device in order to help millions of truck drivers around the world who suffer from GPS tracking placed in their 18-wheelers by their employers and who think that their privacy rights are violated in this way. Of cour..
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TITAN - 8 bands mobile phone jammer (8W)
TITAN jammer is one of the most powerful portable jamming solution currently available on the market with jamming range between 10-30 meters. It feels like a portable in your hands, however it definitely behave like a high power desktop unit. Dimensions are just 23*9*5cm which makes this jammer to l..
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Albatross Pocket 3G (GPS) GSM Jammer
Albatross is a pocket GSM jammer that may be used against GSM, CDMA and other mobile phone networks along with 3G signals or GPS. While it has not high output power and only 5 meters of working radius, it is smaller than your smartphone and thus can be hidden anywhere starting from different bags an..
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Altron-4 Powerful & Portable 4 bands jammer (35W)
Extremely powerful handheld jammer. Fully configurable and can jam the following frequencies:- Drones frequencies within 40-60 meters jamming range;- GPS frequencies within 100-500 meters jamming range;- Remote controls within 100-500 meters jamming range;- Cell phone frequencies within 20-50 meters..
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MONSTRO 10 Best Handheld Mobile Phone Jammer
  MONSTRO 10 best handheld mobile jammer works with all frequency bands used by the wireless devices around you except low frequencies and 4G band. When you have such device in your hands, there is almost nothing that can hurt your privacy or break the secrecy of your location within 15 meters..
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Block GPS tracking signal: anti tracking devices

Portable GPS, GLONASS and LoJack jammers are designed to prevent receiving information about your location. The GPS tracker jammers neutralise the signal from the satellites responsible for determining the geolocation. Depending on the model, there is also a function of jamming cellular communication channels, through which data about the current location is often transmitted from GPS trackers to the person watching you. Portable anti GPS jammers are equipped with a battery for long-term autonomous operation and a power cable for the vehicle's mains.

How GPS blocking devices work

Satellite positioning beacons are used to transmit coordinates of a certain range: for GPS it is 1575.42 MHz, for GLONASS - 1602 MHz. The GPS blocking device generates interference at these frequencies. It is similar to a DDOS attack: the ether is filled with useless, "empty" signals, where information about coordinates can be easily lost. The more signals the GPS tracking jammer can send into the air, the more powerful and reliable it is. The radius of blocking depends can vary: the minimum is 2-3 meters and this is common to GPS jammer devices for car, but there are devices which can work in the radius of 10, 20 and even 100 meters.

The GPS scramblers don't understand which signal needs to be blocked. They operate within a certain radius and frequency range. Therefore, keep in mind that after turning on the GPS blocker, all satellite positioning devices will stop working. Since the beacons use the GSM communication channel for data transmission, be prepared for the fact that it will be unavailable during the operation of the anti tracking device. The only exception is Iridium satellite network but we have a special device for it.

Aside from GPS trackers there is another thing that is even closer to you then your car. It is your smartphone. As a rule all modern smartphones have embedded GPS module. This module can grant law enforcement agencies access to your geolocation data, and while it also can be granted without a warrant, governmental employees can track your movements in the same way they track vehicles with GPS tracking devices. But you can use our products from this category to protect your privacy and keep information about your location and movement through the day safe from strangers.

Mixed GSM/GPS Jammers

Yet there is one thing you should know. Modern electronics industry is developing quite rapidly and many devices are upgraded so they use new technologies in their work. The most advanced models of both GPS tracking devices and smartphone navigation systems have so called A-GPS technology inside, and only mixed GSM/GPS Jammers can deal with such tracking.


How to block GPS signal on cell phone?
The operation of GPS jammers is quite simple and almost identical on all devices. You need to activate the device by pressing the button and “white noise” will appear in the desired range. "White noise" is basically an interference that interferes with the transmission of data and information, including the GPS signal.
How to block vehicle GPS tracking?
Portable car GPS blocker starts working after being connected to a vehicle and activated. Such models are compact and lightweight, consume a minimum of energy and are resistant to mechanical damage, temperature changes. Until you disconnect the equipment from the power supply, it will run smoothly and jam the network.
How to block GPS
First of all, you need to purchase the anti tracking equipment at our website. After that just charge the battery for 3-5 hours and "turn on" the device. Wait fo around 20 seconds and it will start operating.
How to build a GPS jammer?
Nowadays a lot of people try to block GPS tracking signals in their cars and not always want to spend fortune and buy GPS jammers online. It is doable, and a lot of DIY websites are offering schematics for anti GPS devices for free. However, the building of such device will definitely take a lot of your time and will require expertise. Despite the fact we don't offer cheap GPS Jammers, we guarantee the quality.
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