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GPS Jammers & GPS Signal Blockers

APJ-16 - portable All in one jammer
The APJ-16 is a portable jammer in the 164-5900 MHz band. Below you can see all the available jamming frequencies: APJ-16 for Europe APJ-16 for America 758-830MHz: 1.0W  5G, 4G LTE Low 850-895MHz: 1.0..
$1 200.00
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GJ6 Portable All Civil Bands GPS Jammer, anti tracking device
GJ6 is a device to work with all types of GPS, as well as civil frequencies GPS, GLONASS, and LoJack. With this device, you can block all the listed signals. It is suitable for use at home, outdoors, or while traveling. This device protects your privacy and reduces the risks of tracking, which is es..
$395.00 $459.00
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GP5000 Car Anti-Tracking GPS Blocker, Navigation jammer
GP5000 is a special car jammer. This device has been specially designed to be compact so that truck drivers can use it. They can now turn off GPS tracking devices to keep personal data safe from employers. Jammer GP5000 will help solve the problem of privacy once and for all. Any driver who cares ab..
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TITAN - 8 bands mobile phone jammer (8W)
TITAN jammer is one of the most powerful portable jamming solutions currently available on the market, with a jamming range between 10-30 meters. It feels portable in your hands. However, it behaves like a high-power desktop unit. Dimensions are just 23*9*5cm, making this jammer look a bit more mass..
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Albatross Pocket 3G (GPS) GSM Jammer
Albatross is a modern appliance that blocks GSM, 3G, CDMA, and GPS signals. The device is described by fairly soft control, and the content reaches 5 meters. At the same period, it can be used almost anywhere due to its compact size. The jammer fits perfectly in your pocket, purse, or small purse.Th..
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Altron-4 Powerful & Portable 4 bands jammer (35W)
Altron-4 is a powerful jammer capable of operating at the following frequencies:- all drones at a distance of up to 60 meters;- GPS signal frequencies up to 500 meters;- remote controls up to 500 meters;- mobile phone frequencies up to 50 meters.The power of the device is quite immense compared to o..
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MONSTRO 10 Best Handheld Mobile Phone Jammer
MONSTRO 10 is the best mobile jammer that works with standard frequencies. It works with many wireless technologies, so almost nothing can compromise your privacy. The device operates within a range of 15 meters, protecting your data. Even the most modern technology cannot prevent blocking signals f..
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Stop GPS signal: anti tracking devices

Various means are employed to secure GLONASS, LoJack, and GPS signs that do not make it possible to monitor your location fully. Jammers for GPS trackers are particularly created to control instruments from following motions. Depending on the characteristics, features, and other parameters, there are other possibilities for jamming satellite signals that transmit data about your current location. Portable GPS jammers are state-of-the-art systems capable of operating for long periods at minimal cost to users while providing optimal battery life when powered by a mains cable or battery.

The principle of operation of equipment for blocking GPS signals

To ensure optimal presentation of the user's location and coordinates, particular frequencies are used in the range of 1575 MHz and 1602 MHz for GPS and GLONASS, respectively. Using a jammer can significantly optimize the function of the related equipment at these commonnesses, protecting it from possible third-party attacks. The greater the number of signals, the more likely it is for standard blocking and tracking of these commonnesses. As a result, the silencer transmits signs that allow you to secure unnecessary quickly. The blocking range differs depending on the specific equipment. Usually, it is several meters. At the same time, some devices work at a distance of up to a hundred meters and even more.

Scramblers usually do not separate signals, so they jam on all frequencies within a given range. This must be understood when planning to work with GPS-blocking systems. Many types of equipment also use the GSM communication channel, so such equipment is only sometimes practical. In some cases, separate procedures with special equipment are used, which makes it possible to achieve the required performance at a minimal cost.

You should also pay attention to your smartphones. They are also equipped with special GPS chips for spot searches. Regulation forces can use this element to access your infromation. Your movements can be easily tracked. That is why you can use the sign blocker to safeguard your data from outsiders and ensure maximum confidentiality.

Creating barriers to GPS and GSM signals

You should also pay attention to additional current progressive systems. Contemporary apparatuses are vigorously developing and improving appointment. For example, some models of special GSM/GPS jammers will assist in saving you from mixed signal searches.


How to block GPS signal on cell phone?
The position of GPS jammers is quite simple and almost identical on all appliances. You need to activate the device by pressing the button and “white noise” will appear in the desired range. "White noise" is basically an interference that interferes with the transmission of data and information, including the GPS signal.
How to block vehicle GPS tracking?
Mobile machine GPS blocker starts working after being connected to a vehicle and activated. Such models are compact and lightweight, consume a minimum of energy and are resistant to mechanical damage, temperature changes. Until you disconnect the equipment from the power supply, it will run smoothly and jam the network.
How to block GPS
First of all, you need to purchase the anti tracking equipment at our website. After that just charge the battery for 3-5 hours and "turn on" the device. Wait fo around 20 seconds and it will start operating.
How to build a GPS jammer?
Nowadays a lot of people try to block GPS tracking signals in their cars and not always want to spend fortune and buy GPS jammers online. It is doable, and a lot of DIY websites are offering schematics for anti GPS devices for free. However, the building of such device will definitely take a lot of your time and will require expertise. Despite the fact we don't offer cheap GPS Jammers, we guarantee the quality.
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