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Remote Control Jammers

 868MHz Remote Control Jammer, Smart home systems blocker
868MHz is a modern smart home remote control system. This device differs from those operating at a frequency of 315 and 433 MHz. The 868 is more efficient and versatile in everyday use as it can work with remote vehicle systems that serve today's industry standards.This product is designed to work a..
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315MHz Remote Control Jammer
The 315MHz is a compact jammer that can be used to block 315MHz signals up to 25 meters away. The device is capable of actively blocking car signals, remote controls for TVs, air conditioners, drones, and many other home devices. This model is often used to block remote keyless locking systems for A..
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433MHz Car Remote Control Jammer, Keyless Systems remote jammer
433MHz is a compact device with a range of up to 25 meters. This efficient device can work with different types of remote controls. Now there are numerous control panels for cars, airplanes, and toys. All of them are used to control various household devices. The primary purpose of this device is to..
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RCJ-80 High Power 4 frequencies jammer (100W)
This powerful desktop jammer with four directional antennas can be configured to jam any 4 in a radius between 50-150 meters. The jamming radius of each antenna/frequency can be manually adjusted with particular regulators. The power of each antenna is between 20W-40W, making the total ou..
$1 880.00
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TRC-3 Universal All Remote Controls Jammer
TRC-3 is a universal jammer that blocks signals from remote controls. Due to its functionality, the device can stop most signals: TVs, toys, gates, air conditioners, and other equipment. Such a device can be used daily to educate children to learn more. TRC-3 is an efficient compact device that has ..
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Altron-4 Powerful & Portable 4 bands jammer (35W)
Altron-4 is a powerful jammer capable of operating at the following frequencies:- all drones at a distance of up to 60 meters;- GPS signal frequencies up to 500 meters;- remote controls up to 500 meters;- mobile phone frequencies up to 50 meters.The power of the device is quite immense compared to o..
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HPJ20-H - All frequencies desktop jammer (20 bands)
The HPJ20-H is a jammer that operates over a wide frequency range from 130 to 5900 MHz. This functional silencer allows you to turn off all signals in the available field.The impact radius is at least 20 meters. This setting can be adjusted to suit individual needs. You can select the optimum f..
$2 190.00
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Remote jamming: Car frequencies, RC, garage door, 315MHz, 433MHz and 868MHz frequencies

Remote control jammers are actively used to block or jam radio controlled frequencies. These devices operate on the frequencies 315 MHz, 433 MHz and 868 MHz. The main task of this device is to reduce the risks of using extraneous frequencies in private areas. For example, in a private area, you can use a remote silencer to block unwanted devices: remotes, key fobs, extraneous radio signals, and other devices that operate at a given frequency. The radius of influence of the device, as a rule, is in the range of 20-100 meters, depending on the features of the device. The efficiency of work is affected by the remote control frequency, the batteries' quality, and other factors. This device works with a built-in battery, so it needs to be charged over time.

Low-frequency jammer

Some of the presented silencers are capable of operating at low frequencies. For example, the device can run from 130 MHz to 480 MHz. Pay attention to the low-frequency silencers in the catalog. This product deserves special attention. You can also purchase this device here. You can select devices that work within a radius of 500 meters. This equipment is called Altron-4.

It is pretty difficult to mention all types of existing devices in the catalog, but you can find the right option at any time for your preferences. With the right equipment, you can reduce the risks of potential adverse effects. It is enough to choose a device with the required radius and determine the costs. Some desktop jammers can handle more frequencies at once if adequately tuned. You need to select the suitable device.

Jammers UHF/VHF

If you want to provide reliable protection, then you should look at more secure devices. You can also use special UHF/VHF jammers with comprehensive functionality.

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