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RCJ40-D Adjustable Powerful Desktop Mobile Jammer

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  • $480.00
Should you require a fully bespoke configuration for this jammer please contact us at [email protected]

You can place an order using the most popular configurations or RCJ40-D jammer. However, for some extra cost and time we can prepare the fully bespoke version for you.

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RCJ40-D is a modern desktop jammer that supports different standards for jamming 4G mobile internet signals. The device operates within a radius of up to 40 meters. This device can block all 4G signals regardless of frequency or operator. It is enough to specify the parameters of the equipment operation. The complete list of frequencies is described in the equipment specification.

The RCJ40-D can be used to control a car charger. It can also be charged via a 12 V power adapter. Additionally, you can use the built-in battery, designed for two hours of continuous operation.

The RCJ40-D is a modern and powerful jammer model that deserves attention. It is suitable for blocking multiple signals over a long distance. This device can be used to block low-frequency signals. You choose the signals you want to stop. It is enough to specify the required parameters. Also, our specialists can advise you and help you determine the desired properties.

The RCJ40-D jammer is usually installed in large homes or offices to ensure maximum network security. As a result, all signals will be blocked within a radius of up to forty meters. You can also adjust the power using the control system. This is a helpful device for your safety.

The device operates at the following frequencies:

Remote controls

Low frequencies

satellite signals

Wireless cameras

Satellite phones

Mobile Signals

You yourself can choose the frequencies that should be blocked. You should choose carefully as only six of the listed frequencies can be blocked at a time.

Device specifications:

Powerful system

Built-in battery and easy charging

Wide range of influence

Many different frequencies to block

Has color marks

overheat protection

The ability to adjust the frequency ranges independently

Device characteristics:

Wide range of supported frequencies

High power 9-18W

Range up to 49 meters

Powered by a charger or car adapter

Working current is 12A

The battery is rated at 12000 mA

Size is 200x165x60mm

The device's weight reaches 1.8 kilograms, with packaging - 2.8 kilograms.

The working temperature is 0-50 degrees

Air humidity is 5-80%

The device allows you to protect yourself from such technologies and devices fully:

Desk phone trackers

Sports, monitoring cameras

Wireless technology and more

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