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Cell phone signal jammers and blockers

TITAN - 8 bands mobile phone jammer (8W)
TITAN jammer is one of the most powerful portable jamming solution currently available on the market..
Stalker 5G - 12 bands portable 5G jammer
Jammer Stalker 5G has a good outgoing total jamming power - 12 W. In total with 12 antennas it shows..
HPJ1000 Powerful 60W desktop jammer
HPJ1000 is a kind of device different from the most products of this category. It is a bigger model ..
Albatross Pocket 3G (GPS) GSM Jammer
Albatross is a pocket GSM jammer that may be used against GSM, CDMA and other mobile phone networks ..
GP5000 Car Anti-Tracking GPS Blocker, Navigation jammer
GP5000 is our special car GPS jammer. We designed this small yet very handy device in order to hel..
TRC-3 Universal All Remote Controls Jammer
TRC-3 is a universal remote control jammer that can stop the work of all commonly used remote cont..
HS-007 Plus | Portable Signal Detector 20-5000MHz
It might be surely a harassing experience for you and your loved ones, if some one is tracking yo..
$399.00 $450.00
Spectrum - handheld wide range drone jammer
First ever portable drone jammer available on the market. From now there is no need to spend dozens ..
$2 250.00
Altron-4 Powerful & Portable 4 bands jammer (35W)
Extremely powerful handheld jammer. Fully configurable and can jam the following frequencies:- Drone..

Cell phone signal jammers and mobile network blockers

Invention of cell phones

The mobile phone became the most popular invention of the 20th century after penicillin, and the evolution of phones into cameras, mini-computers, etc. made them simply irreplaceable for every modern person. However, mobile devices have one drawback - they make sounds, ring, and because of that negotiations can be unsuccessful - the parties can't focus on the topic - they are constantly distracted.

The solution to this problem is cell phone jammers. For a long time they have been actively used by special forces, large theaters and music halls, as well as a number of companies. Now these signal scramblers are available worldwide as well. Our company offers its customers devices that can "secure" mobile phones: compact mobile phone silencers with a range of up to 8-15 meters and desktop signal jammers. With the help of electronic device jammers, you can speak truly calmly, without fear, without being distracted by inappropriate calls and without fear of being overheard, because a mobile phone can become an excellent listening device even without the knowledge of its owner. From the point of view of tactical capabilities, the mobile phone has acquired the properties of devices for covert information retrieval - that is, "legal bugs". It should be noted the most characteristic tactical capabilities of a mobile phone.

If you are looking to buy a jammer you are in the right place. On our website you can purchase various models of jammers for mobile phones, jammers for Wi-Fi, GPS / GLONASS. We will deliver the goods worldwide. Buying a signal blocker from Jammer Store is simple and convenient. 

How phone jammers work

There are several ways of how phone jammers work. The simplest is a faraday cage, the production of which does not require special costs. Special panels are installed on the walls, passively blocking signals. There is another device - a cell phone jammer, which detects the presence of a working phone within a certain radius. Upon detecting a call attempt, the cell signal is blocked. As a result, the radio jammer also jams incoming calls. In this case, the phone goes into standby mode.

You can buy portable cell phones jammers and powerful desktop jammers in our online store Frequencies jammer works with a radio signal, and if the detectors simply register a signal, the jammers jam it (for example, a wi-fi signal or GLONASS). For these reasons, a jammer for mobile devices is the best defense against spyware. The jammer of mobile phones is the best protection against eavesdropping and encroachment on business and personal life today.

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