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MONSTRO 10 Best Handheld Mobile Phone Jammer

MONSTRO 10 Best Handheld Mobile Phone Jammer

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MONSTRO 10 best handheld mobile jammer works with all frequency bands used by the wireless devices around you except low frequencies and 4G band. When you have such device in your hands, there is almost nothing that can hurt your privacy or break the secrecy of your location within 15 meters radius around you. Even the most advanced tracking, eavesdropping, wiretapping and other anti privacy technologies are unable to work properly when they are in the working range of this product. MONSTRO 10 is definitely our best portable cell phone jammer.


Our MONSTRO 10 is a professional cell phone blocker that needs to be treated accordingly. It gives you real flexibility when it comes to wireless signal protection. This product has switches for every antenna which can be used to select what kind of frequencies you want to prevent from working at every moment of time. If you need to secure the area from all those bands – you can do it! If in 5 minutes you need only one or two frequency bands to stop their work – you can also do it! This device gives you total control over the process to make even more reliable wireless signal protection wherever you go.


Here is the full list of frequencies which this device is able to work with:


  • GSM800 and GSM1900 in USA, GSM900 and GSM1800 in Europe
  • CDMA850 in both USA and Europe
  • GPS L1, L2 and L5 bands, GLONASS
  • WiFi, Bluetooth and all devices operating at 2.4GHz (like hidden spy cameras and microphones)
  • 3G frequency
  • 4G is an optional frequency which we can also add to this jammer.




  • Working Radius: 15 meters
  • Signal Power: 1200mW
  • Power Supply: can work via battery and two power adapters
  • Battery Information: Lithium-ion 8.4V 3600mA
  • Battery Working Time: 2 hours maximum
  • Adapters Details: AC 110~250V to DC 12V, car 12V to DC 12V, both 2000mA
  • Antennas Details: high-tech rubber (6 units)
  • Dimensions Of Device: 127/250x75x34mm
  • Weight Of Product: 500g


With MONSTRO 10 you will be fully protected against:


  • Blackline GPS Javelin
  • Rosum ALLOY
  • Cambridge Consultants small cell tower
  • Bluetooth SIG
  • Telesoft Technologies HINTON Abis Probe
  • Motorola PDA MC-75
  • Pong Research Case
  • Stingray
  • Stingray II
  • Parrot AR.Drone 2.0
  • FleetMatics
  • Packet Forensics
  • Internet Of Things
  • Trendnet web cameras
  • WiFi Hotspot Cufflinks
  • GoPro WiFi BacPac and Remote
  • Draganflyer X6
  • Samsung DV300F
  • Scan & Target Scan Surveillance
  • Pebble and Twine
  • Brookstone Rover Spy Tank
  • Amped Wireless High Power Wireless-N 600mW Pro Smart Repeater
  • Google Wi-Spy
  • Utimaco DRS
  • FreedomPop
  • Spektrum DSM
  • Spektrum DSM2
  • Lytro camera
  • Eye-Fi
  • EyeRing
  • Transparency Grenade
  • PlayRobot
  • Electric Imp
  • Dropcam HD WiFi monitoring camera
  • Verint Analytics And Communications Solutions
  • Sony SmartWatch
  • HawkEye 5300
  • Oregon Scientific ATC Beats WiFi Sports camera
  • FinFisher FinSpy Mobile
  • Glympse
  • Wolfhound cell phone trackers
  • F-BOMB
  • TP-LINK Mini Pocket Router
  • CalAmp LMU-2600
  • Navizon Indoor Triangulation System
  • GoBandit Live camera


With MONSTRO 10 you will be partially protected against:


  • Broadcom BCM4752
  • Mushroom Networks ThirdEye
  • Sprint 3G/4G Plug-in-connect
  • RF Design u-blox




Feel the power of jamming holding MONSTRO 10 compact cell jammer in your hands, protect your privacy from anything which might spy on you!

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Customer reviews:

  • Author: Raul August 22, 2015


    Thanks for making this model available.

    My new girlfriend is being stalked by her ex. He is mentally unstable, and we have legitimate concerns about her safety. We believe he planted a tracker in her vehicle.

    We have a bailiff retrieving her vehicle from the home, and then Monstro 10 will keep her safe from the stalker.

    If he planted a tracker it just won't work.

    Thank You from Canada

  • Author: Waterdancer May 18, 2015


    Good dialog with the seller and good shipping time to europe. The product is very good!

    I recommend it.

  • Author: silence September 8, 2014


    This jammer is far out the best jammer i had.He works perfect, only there wass no leather case in the package. One mail and they send me a case,perfect service.

  • Author: Balmer April 19, 2013


    MONSTRO is cool, bought that a couple of weeks ago and I can say that it works great. The only bad thing here is the charging time, it is reeealllyy long. But all the rest is perfect, that is the device I was looking for. Also, the delivery was really swift, I appreciate that. Thanks!

  • Author: PaulMason January 10, 2013


    I can't really understand why somebody would need to buy another signal blocker if there is that MONSTRO. Really, I can understand the people that need a desktop version, but there is no sense to buy another portable jammer. MONSTRO works with all I need, but I hope that 4G will be implemented really soon, in that case it will become the best choice ever!

  • Author: WilliamBackbender October 26, 2012


    I was thinking about buying this jammer for a pretty long time. I thought that it was way too expensive for me. But when I sat down and calculated how much money will I need to buy a GPS jammer, GSM jamming device and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth blocker I saw that it's a really big sum. So the choice was made and I've ordered that Monstro. It works really good for now and I hope that it will be as reliable as it is now for a really long time!

  • Author: Hamlet September 14, 2012


    I’ve bought this jammer a week ago. I’ve chosen it because it gives me the wide range of frequencies to jam, so I’ll never need another jammer. It’s powerful and portable, just jams everything I want. Actually I needed simple GSM jammer, but bought this monster, and now I use it to jam GPS and Wi-Fi too.

  • Author: stealthy August 31, 2012


    After reading many articles on the blog of this company, I have realized that modern world is much more dangerous place than I previously thought. There are such things which are hard to imagine, yet they exist, work and make my life worse.

    After browsing probably all devices at this website I gave preference to this jammer. My decision was based on the fact that I have a work related to many journeys, so I am hitting the road every day. This device works with battery and it can protect me from everything I need to be protected from. Anywhere and anytime. The only thing is that I forget to recharge it sometimes, though I guess I will get used to it :) But I am satisfied with this monstro anyway.