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How can I protect myself from RF Design u-blox tracking?

Hi there! I only know that this u-blox is the new development at the tracking market so I am interested how can I avoid being tracked by it?

Hi Chuck!

RF Design has created a unique u-blox microchip used in many modern tracking devices. This microchip makes the tracker dangerous for many people, so getting rid of it will not be easy. That is why you need to use machines to block GPS signals. Such devices can be effective against conventional tracking devices, but not all.

The main feature of u-blox is the operation at several frequencies simultaneously. Many devices can operate on 2G (GSM, GPRS, CDMA), 3G, and even 4G frequencies regardless of the equipment model. However, the main GPS frequency may be blocked if you are in a place where these systems do not work. There are also other features of the device.

The frequency ranges described above can be used for several different things simultaneously. They are suitable for tracking wireless frequencies and sending signals to base stations, allowing you to interfere with the GPS signal at the moment. The microchip can block cell phone signals to triangulate the user's location. The device works with the help of cellular communication stations, regardless of the operator.

The u-blox microchip is a powerful device that has many positive features. To block its tracking, you should carefully monitor your safety on u-blox radio frequencies and secure its connection using special jamming equipment.

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