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Is there any way to protect against RF Design u-blox tracking?

Hello! I know RF Design u-blox is a new development. I'm wondering if there is any way to avoid tracking this equipment. What can be done about this?

Hello Chuck!

RF Design has worked hard to develop u-blox. This microchip is used in a variety of modern devices for tracking people. This tracker has high efficiency and performance, but it is dangerous enough for many people, so you must understand how to block it from being tracked. For example, you can use a GPS jammer for your car. Such devices are highly efficient compared to other tracking devices.

Among the main features of the u-blox chip, attention should be paid to the ability to block several frequencies at once. For example, such devices can simultaneously block mobile signals of different generations, regardless of the equipment model used. In this case, the central frequency of this signal may be blocked in some zones. You should also pay attention to other features of such equipment.

You can use certain frequency bands to block multiple frequencies at once. Typically, such equipment is used for wireless systems. Microchips allow you to block phone signals in many ways, regardless of the location of the user. The device actively works with the help of unique mobile communication stations, which the operator powers.

The u-blox microchip is state-of-the-art equipment with many positive features. For example, to block tracking, you need to carefully monitor the security and reliability of the connection using special equipment.

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