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Albatross Pocket CDMA 3G GSM Jammer

Handheld CDMA/3G/GSM Jammer

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  • Portable CDMA/3G/GSM Jammer
  • Compact CDMA/3G/GSM Jammer
  • Handheld CDMA/3G/GSM Jammer
  • Compact CDMA/3G/GSM Signal Jammer

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Albatross is a pocket GSM jammer that may be used against GSM, CDMA and other mobile phone networks along with 3G signals. While it has not high output power and only 5 meters of working radius, it is smaller than your smartphone and thus can be hidden anywhere starting from different bags and purses and ending with your pocket.


This 3G jammer is used to prevent many problems related to mobile phone networks of different standards in any country of the world. 3G wireless frequency is also affected by this product. Many digital threats like surveillance, eavesdropping, private information stealing, illegal location tracking and others can be effortlessly prevented when this device is in your pocket and works.

Albatross GSM blocker is one of our oldest models, however it's still one of our top-sellers, because of quite low price and great specifications, a lot of people still want to choose this model.




  • Modern-looking design
  • Embedded antennas
  • Jams all mobile devices
  • Easy to use
  • Has useful indicators
  • Battery and adapter operated
  • Work and recharge simultaneously
  • Extra light weight




  • European Frequencies: 3G, GSM900 and GSM1800
  • American Frequencies: 3G, GSM850 and GSM1900
  • Jamming Power: 57dbm
  • Signal Coverage: 1-5 meters
  • Power Supplier: Power adapter and battery
  • Operating Current: 700mA
  • Battery Parameters: 3.7V 1300mAh Li-ion, works up to 2 hours, recharging takes 2.5 hours
  • Power Adapters: AC 110~250V 5VDC, Car 12~24V 5VDC, 2000mA both
  • Antennas Info: 3 x SMA, 3dbm each (built-in)
  • Size Information: 97x44x20mm
  • Total Weight: 68g jammer, 500g package
  • Work Temperature: 0~50 Celsius
  • Air Humidity: 5~80%


Albatross blocks these devices completely:


  • Stingray
  • Stingray II
  • Telesoft Technologies HINTON Abis Probe
  • Cambridge Consultants small cell tower
  • Pong Research Case


Albatross blocks these devices partially:


  • TP-LINK Mini Pocket Router
  • FinFisher FinSpy Mobile
  • Glympse
  • Sprint 3G/4G Plug-in-connect
  • Mushroom Networks ThirdEye
  • HawkEye 5300
  • CalAmp LMU-2600
  • FleetMatics
  • Utimaco DRS
  • Navizon Indoor Triangulation System
  • Wolfhound cell phone trackers
  • Scan & Target Scan Surveillance
  • RF Design u-blox
  • Motorola PDA MC-75

Customer reviews:

  • Author: Dani GH October 7, 2015


    Decent product and works well.

  • Author: 62 Gt Hawk April 7, 2015


    Tested in my own home. Shut down all my wireless devices as it should. Too bad we have to force respectability on others. This will do the trick. Can eat in peace at restaurants now.

  • Author: 62 Gt Hawk April 3, 2015


    Tested in my own home with my own phones. Phones did not work with this unit turned on. Will now get some peace in restaurants and ect. Too bad to have to force consideration on people.

  • Author: 62 Gt Hawk April 3, 2015


    Works great.

  • Author: Granny March 29, 2013


    I needed to block mobile communications around me. And that was the main reason why I decided to get this particular signal blocker. It is really small and I can use it without getting noticed. That is important, because I prefer to take it with me everywhere. You may never know when it will come in handy.

  • Author: PatDerby December 11, 2012


    That mobile phone jammer is a perfect device as for me. I’m a cab driver and I hate when someone disturbs me with a cell phone. I’m responsible for my passenger’s life so I have to stay focused on the road, but some of them make everything they can to distract me with their cell phone chatter. When it gets annoying I simply turn my jammer on and the problem is solved!

  • Author: JessicaRend October 31, 2012


    I could never even thought that I would use a signal jamming device, but I've bought this buddy. I have to communicate with people all the week as long as I'm clerk, but sometimes you can get really tired of communication. I was at the cafe one night after really hard working week. I was really tired and the guy at the nearby table was on his phone really loud. I asked him to go easy really politely but he shouted at me something like: "stick your fingers in your ears if you don't like something!" And that was the time I decided to get the cell phone jammer!

  • Author: JaneWillis October 11, 2012


    I've bought this small jammer to shut my mobile phone down while I'm on road. Earlier I had to do it myself all the time but now this little buddy does it for me, because I've always forgotten about it. Now it is impossible! And I will never get in a car crash because of my cell phone!

  • Author: Mary September 26, 2012


    I like that jammer. It is small, transparent and has low radius, so I’m nor harming, neither protecting other people. It works for a long time and blocks all cell phones that are really close to me. I can easily hide it and I really like it. It’s also cheap and I’ve saved some money)

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