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When Cell Phone Ring Is The Worst Sound To Hear


When you hear the first cell phone ring it is like shock for you. After a few weeks without it you forget that such things like cell phones even exist and hearing someone’s mobile device ringing is like hearing the birds in the office at the high-rise. It was the tenth day without any kind of communications with the outer world. No cell phones, no e-mail, no radio and TV sets, and thus no news from the world around us.

Sometimes it is very strange to feel this cut off from the information flow because we used to it so much that we don’t even notice it.


Mobile Phones And Traveling

Western world made us very used to the information highway driving through our mobile devices, internet connections and wireless signals. This grip is holding us tightly and sometimes it is hard to break free from it. But there are people who adore doing that and the best place for it may be the only one: Antarctica.


There is really no choice for you there. In the modern world of wireless communication every place you go will instantly offer you many variants of establishing this communication. It may be quite hard for you to cut off yourself from it. But Antarctica is another case. There are no cell towers and thus no mobile phone signals, and no internet as well.

Feel The Southern Continent

Whole ten days of total separation from the rest of the world – this proposition was so attractive that I could not resist it. It was very strange and even a little scary at the beginning to see how signal bars on my phone are melting like an iceberg in the warm ocean water. Five bars, four bars, then three, two, one… And then nothing. Complete silence.


To say the truth, it was not so hard to get rid of this information addiction as I expected it to be. For the first days there are many fascinating things surround you and many interesting people from around the globe are near you. The ship was driving us far to the south and my thoughts were about huge icebergs and penguin colonies I will see soon.

Arriving There

And then you are there. The landscape is hard to describe because it is really incredible. And the silence… When you walk away from the sound of the ship’s engine, you hear nothing except the deep stillness. The white blanket of ice and snow is shining in the sun, and above it is the sound of nothing at all.


In those perfect surroundings the worst thing to hear is the sound of your cell phone ring. You feel yourself totally relieved because there is nothing to check. The only thing you may check is that your mobile phone still not working. Yes, you know that there is a ton of e-mails already waiting for you but there is nothing you can do now about it.

But at the sixth day of the journey I totally forgot about even smallest reminders of the outer world. The only things were bothering me are the beautiful scenery around and the people who I have talked to.


Enjoy It For Real

Is this the real way to experience the truly amazing adventure, how do you think? It is probably the only right way to get away from it all and forget about all those trifling things we used to worry about in our common life. But then there was return to the civilization and at the moment we were floating closer to the Southern America that cell phone ring appeared suddenly. The world just told you its hello.


Yet there are many other interesting places and continents to visit and not only Antarctica can offer you many different things to discover and to be fascinated about. And in any voyage you can create the same isolation like I have experienced in the Antarctica. With the use of cell phone jammers this artificial wireless silence might be achieved to grant you the best time to have and to enjoy your trip completely.

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