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Anyone Else Wants To Spy On My Cell Phone?!


How do you think, it is only government and big companies who are able to spy on your cell phone?


Not only them. But if that is so then who else can do it without you even notice this? The answer may surprise you.

Think Deeper

The newest research made by Retrevo Gadget Experts revealed quite interesting numbers showing that government spies will start to envy to common people soon. For example, men and women dating each other and secretly checking e-mails and call histories of each other. The 30% of men and 35% of women are doing so.


And the younger ones are the snoopy ones. The group of age 25 and under has 38% men and 47% women who checks e-mails or call history of their date mates regularly and secretly. The situation with spouses and husbands is much alike, because 32% of men check the phones of their spouses and 41% of women doing the same with the phones of their husbands.

What About Kids, Honey?

Oh, poor-poor kids… They probably don’t even guess that 36% of their fathers and 39% of their mothers are checking their mobile phones to know what their children say and whom they talk to. Beware teens and tweens! Your parents are watching you!


And there is more. There is not only call history, texts and e-mails are being monitored. Your location is also being spied. How can they do it? Very simple.

Verizon already grants its geo-location tracking services not only to business facilities for guarding their perimeter from unauthorized access, but to the ordinary family people. The same way as facilities are making closed perimeter (geo-located fence) around their buildings, your parents can make such perimeter around, let’s say, school, or house, or other location.


And they will track you in that location using GPS of your cell phone. Just like that.

Don’t Want To Believe?

Then I guess numbers will convince you. Almost equal numbers of male and female married ones are tracking each other in such efficient way (31% of husbands and 33% of spouses). As for kids, 53% of their fathers and 64% of their mothers are making such awful thing.

The only thing left for you is to guess the scary numbers of dating people who tracks each other in such way, especially young ones.


So no matter what age or gender you are, start jamming all those tracking and tracing signals and regain you privacy which belongs only to you and no one else! Oh, and don’t forget to clean up your call history regularly.

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