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How Rising Progress Lowers Our Cultural Level


Many years ago when people could not think about such device as mobile phone to appear in the future, things were different. Anyone was able to go to the theatre and enjoy favorite play in silence. Even if it was a businessman waiting for important call, he let the personnel of that theatre know where to look for him in case of call happened.

But nowadays whole situation is different.

The Impact

It is hard for you to visit any movie or theatre without your experience being wasted by someone using their mobile devices. And one thing is that those who watch the play in theatre are annoyed, but imagine how it affects actors on stage! They are not just watching, they are playing their roles with all texts, emotions and in strict order.


They need that silence, though they not always can get it.

Not long ago there was a play "Good People" performed at the Broadway. Actresses Frances McDormand and Renee Elise Goldsberry were playing their roles at the stage and nearly reached the highlight of the performance. All audience was so excited! They were almost on the edges of their seats waiting with impatience for what is going to be right now on the stage in front of them when…

Oh My God!

Suddenly that perfect moment was completely destroyed by the only one yet so disturbing cell phone ringing. Can you imagine that? And there is worse.

The woman whose phone was ringing answered the call. How can anyone be such couldn’t-care-less?


The cool thing is what McDormand did. She put her arm around Renee Elise and said: "let's just wait". And they did so. In total silence the lonely voice of woman with the phone was heard, no one else. When cell phone talk was finished, two actresses made small rewound and continued their performance.

The Time Has Come…

mobile-phone-jammer-with-remote-control…to install cell phone jammers in theatres and other places alike, how do you think? Would it be great for you to enjoy the evening full of culture, talented actors and your favorite play in front of your eyes?

The owners of such cultural centers as theatres must consider this opportunity. One reliable signal blocker can do a great job to make actors’ work easier and your experience brighter and better!

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