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The Easiest Way To Avoid Car Crashes


Many mobile gadgets, especially smartphones, create more and more dangers for American motorists over time. Governors Highway Safety Association made a study of about 350 scientific papers in order to measure driver’s distraction during the vehicle piloting. The result may be a little shocking.

Many different things distract driver along the way resulting in half time distraction. Surprised?

While you may distract on eating, drinking (non-alcohol of course), talking to your passengers, make up, music and other things, the worst distraction known at this time are cell phones and smartphones.


Numbers, Numbers, Numbers… 

Talking while driving is a well-known problem which evolving with time. But texting while driving is even worse! When you talk on your headset your hands are free and you are looking straight. If this is your cell phone or smartphone, one hand is free and you are still looking straight. Yet your attention is distracted.

But texting is the devil. When you are texting you are looking at your smartphone instead of the road.

The GHSA research I have mentioned before showed that 25% of all car crashes (from minor ones and up to lethal ends) are happening because of smartphone usage during driving.


We All Are Involved

If you are the business owner, you probably equip your driving employees (fleet drivers, sales guys, etc.) with smartphones. Why? Because it is convenient, modern and necessary thing to do. If they talk or text while driving the risk would apply not only to those drivers and other traffic participants but your business’ property as well.

Although there are many states which ban or planning to ban cell phone usage while driving, many people ignore those bans and continue to create crashes and dangerous situations.


Emotions vs Technologies 

Distracted driving is known to be the extremely emotional thing. It may be your parents calling, boyfriend or girlfriend, or some other important call. But please stop for the moment and think about one thing: does this call is more important than your life and lives of other people on the road?

It is probably not.

So if you wish to have a less distracting driving experience and no temptation to answer the call, you may consider installing a cell phone jammer in your car. With a small jamming radius covering only your car and no other space you will feel safety and convenience during your trip.

It is your health and life at stake, and health and lives of your relatives and beloved ones. So take some steps to keep them safe!

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