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A Simple Way To Defend Yourself In Future


The mobile industry is going forward and increasing its pace. More and more things which you used to have and use separately would be or already are consumed by mobile devices. Cell phones and smartphones can be used for talks and texting, listen to music, watch video, take pictures and video, as your notebook or audio recording device, GPS navigator, map, internet access and games.

You can probably add some more things in this list, but industry developers are already doing so. The new and far reaching feature is…

The Key

keys-keyholderSurprised? Based on the key-cards and car locks technologies, this feature allows you to open your home doors, hotel doors, office, garage and even your car via your smartphone. The technology is called near field communication (NFC). Imagine that instead of unlocking the door by the key you can wave your cell phone near the lock to open it. The same applies to the cars and any other door you can imagine.

It is as simple as it is.

But you’ll need to change the locks and locking system. And in case of your house goes off electricity or the battery of your smartphone is dead, you’ll still have to have the old key to open the doors.

It Goes Even Further


Now imagine that you are at work and your friend came to your house. It is a few hours left to the end of your shift and it is pointless for your friend to go somewhere else. What’s it going to be? He or she must sit at the doorsteps? And if the weather is not-so-good and the rain is coming? Or it is winter, cold, snowy and uncomfortable?

Cell Phone Engine StartBut with the help of the technological progress you can control the situation. With a single press of a button your internet connected smart device will send a signal to your door and unlock it to let your friend in.

The same you can apply to your car. In a hot summer you will be able to turn the air-conditioning on and in cold winter – heat up the engine and passenger compartment.

Happy Ending

While there are a lot of applications for this amazing technology, there are also some dangers which might appear.

Thieves, hackers and other tricksters would eventually become more technologized too. To break into your house or to steal your car they would use electronic devices. So you must be prepared.


As it was said at the beginning, the simple way to have a reliable defence against those rogues are always working wireless signal jammers. They would not let thieves do their dirty deeds and when you come home you’ll turn them off via remote control with other frequency. And that is how you can be protected in future, combining the advantages of new technologies with the security measures.

Now think about it properly and make the first step to your future!

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