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How You Can Prevent Your Best Time Being Wasted


Whole year you have been waiting for this. It is the depth of summer, the vacation time. You have been working hard to earn the money for your family to be able to fly somewhere and have really nice and pleasant vacation time. You have planned all ahead, timed your vacation time with the same time of your spouse and told your kids about the upcoming journey.

They were waiting for it with anticipation and so did you. And it came. Finally!

The Flying Day

You are packing your cases, your kids are running across the house with loud and happy screams, and you can read the silent thank you in the eyes of your spouse. The taxi is already outside waiting for all of you to come out and get into the car with warm smiles at your faces.


The taxi driver is very affable. He helps you to put your baggage into the trunk and asks where you would like him to drive you. To the airport, please, you say and the car carries you away from all those daily routines toward the place you have been dreaming about for a long-long time…

The Airport

While going through the airport with your family and your luggage you hope for waiting line to be short. But deep inside your heart it is not so much matter because you feel complete relief and proud about you have made it at last. Going through the not-so-long waiting line and thinking it might have been worse you proceed to the gateway.


Your plane is gradually filling in with people. Everyone get to their seats and asked to don their seat belts. Then pilots are making the smooth takeoff and you are in the air. Flying above the clouds and thinking soon I will enjoy the sun, ocean and everything else you fall asleep…

The Arrival

Your spouse wakes you up and oh my God! You see that you are there! You go through the customs control and walk out of the airport. What a view! The taxi drives you to your hotel and during that short drive you drink fresh air and imagine how your vacation will be going.


You arrive to your hotel, check-in and station in your room along with your beloved family. Quick unpacking action is followed by now everyone to the beach! phrase of your spouse and happy chase each other run there. The ocean water is warm, the sun is shining pleasantly and everything seems to be ideal. You think that this is probably the paradise when suddenly

The Cell Phone Rings

But you have your cell phone turned off and lying in the hotel room, so as your spouse do. What the hell?! For just one time in the year you wish to relax and not being disturbed by mobile phone rings and there it goes! But some people simply cannot understand it and keep talking on their cell phones even at the perfect sandy beach!


Your first impression and that feel of total relaxation being destroyed. Totally. It would not make the whole trip bad yet it may become not the perfect one you have been waiting for. And all that because of those cell phone talkers. I wish there was no signal here you think and walk away to find some other quiet, yet not so perfect place at the beach for you and your family.

But things might happen in a different way if you had one of those portable cell phone jammers with you. They are small enough to fit in the pocket of your shorts still powerful enough to create the silent territory around you.


So think about it very carefully and don’t miss your chance to have the perfect journey with your family to the paradise you have dreamed about which would not be ruined by such small thing like cell phone.

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