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How You Can End The Chaos Around Us


Cell phones and wireless connections made our life better, brighter and more modern. They brought many interesting and useful features people never knew before. Multimedia, social networking, a lot of various functions like photo and video, voice conferences, and many more of cool stuff were rapidly thrown right in front of us to use.

But at the same time, all those nice and pleasant things started chaos.

You know, it looks not funny, and sometimes even scary. There are too many great examples to describe them all here, but some bright ones are at your disposal.

Distracted Driving


Yep, I know that this topic is discussed a lot these days and everyone know about it. Still look at it from the different angle. A little bit more than 50% of motorcycle crashes are because of car drivers and their distracted driving. Furthermore, statistic says that drivers of age 18-35 who drives motorcycle are driving more safely than car drivers. And you know why?

Because they simply have much less distractions. They simply cannot use their cell phones while driving, and no Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, texting, e-mailing, video and other stuff can distract them from the road.


The people who walk across the street are even in bigger danger. Not only they might be hit by the car of the distracted driver, but it may be also their fault of being hit. You see, from the small age our parents taught us to cross the roads. Look left, look right, then look left again, they said. Your brain must process a huge bunch of information to cross the street. It is the speed and distance to the car on your left, the same data for the car on the right, determine if they are accelerating, breaking or going with stable speed, and the width of the road and your speed when crossing the road (the time you need to cross it).


As you can see, it is not as simple as it seems to cross the road safely. And if you are distracted by your cell phone, no matter talking or texting, it becomes even harder. As recent survey shows, talking people have 12% increased risk of being hit and people texting have the whole 25% increased risk.

Cell Phone Antennas

The six-floor living building in San Francisco has its rooftop terrace being covered with six cell phone antennas and even more will be added later. People are scared because of the possible health issues. This act is explained as the growing need of the city’s mobile demands.


Yes, it is easy to understand that there is not much space in the huge megacity for the cell towers. But the health risks are still here, and no one can cancel them. The big number of 67% of independent researches says that yes, mobile phones have an impact on our health.

Restaurant Policy

Interesting method is now used in the restaurant called Rogue 24 in Washington, D.C. If you wish to have a nice, pleasant dinner in this restaurant, you will have to pay from $145 to $175 for every person participating. And for this price you will expect the calm surroundings with no distractions.


All reservations are made only online, and while submitting your reservation, you will have to approve the no-cell-phone-use agreement. This policy concerns the dining room, but you can use your mobile phone in the bathroom and in the front bar area. So in such way this high-end restaurant allows its customers to enjoy its outstanding cuisine in a quiet and amazing way.

Chaos Must End!

To put the tin hat on this chaos people can use cell phone jammers in any sphere of their life. Drivers can cut off the most types of distractions in their cars and pedestrians will not be distracted by their phones in the area of working jammers too.


Those people who lives in the houses with many antennas installed at the rooftops can get rid of the health impact of those signals and restaurants can make the cell phone silence permanent. As you can see, the chaos around can be tamed, and the tamer is the mobile phone jammer.

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