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Are Your Children Protected From Sexual Harassment?


Sexting is the ongoing problem of modern schools and colleges. Until recent days it was hard to determine and prevent this activity of teenagers from being held. But now slowly, one by one, educational institutions are starting to implement bills and laws concerning sexting and the punishment for doing it.

Language Of Numbers

The statistic is very interesting and may be even surprising for someone. The 21% of teenagers and 33% of young adults admit that they sent or posted nude and semi-nude pictures or videos to someone else. But teens are going even further. The 15% of them have sent sexually explicit photos and messages to people they know only online, and 44% have shared such digital materials they had been sent with their friends.


Moreover, sexually explicit text messages, or SMS, are even more spread. The whole 39% of teenagers are sending them and 48% reported they received them. Among young adults those numbers are quite shocking, with 59% have sent and 64% received those sexting messages.

How do you like it? And that is not all, there’s more! There is also


Yes, it sounds exactly how it reads. Young girl, a student of the Arts and Science College, was strip-searched by her Physical Education teacher on suspicion of having cell phone in her clothes.


Yes, carrying a cell phone in that college is prohibited, but there are many other ways to control the situation in a more civilized ways. It was rude invasion into the privacy of the girl’s life.

Many students across the city are angry on the incident, calling it intrusion into their personal lives and abuse of power by the authorities. The Principal of this College has not commented this situation. Let’s just hope that brainless teacher will be fired from the college.


How Can We Solve This?

Many states, including California, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Florida and nearly twenty other states are considering bills against sexting and other similar violations. For example, Florida will charge sexting teens for $60 and some community service, and in California, students caught sexting on school grounds, at the way to and out of school, during lunches and school sponsored events regardless of their location, will be instantly expelled.

Still for many educational institutions those questions are open. There are many ways to prevent bad incidents in advance, and they are being discussed. But, as one student from this Arts and Science College suggested, cell phone jammers may be installed to calm down the whole situation and to prevent unpleasant happenings in the future.

If you are parent, just think of it.


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