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Family1st vehicle tracker: characteristics and features of choice

Family1st is the ultimate family vehicle tracker that is feature rich and easy to set up, making it affordable and beneficial for everyone, minimizing potential costs. This device is suitable for use to track the movements of your vehicle. You can also use it to control the elderly, children, and others who need constant support. Additionally, you may need a civilian GPS jammer to reduce tracking risks.

The Family1st tracker works on GPS, allowing you to track all the necessary indicators in real time using special software or a web interface. You can quickly install the program on your device or launch the resource from any gadget. 

Tracker selection criteria

Today, you can see a lot of different possibilities in GPS trackers. Everything would be fine, but the more features, the higher the price. Therefore, it is essential to decide which of them you need.

Conventionally, the functionality can be divided into three groups: standard, professional, and nobody need. Let's consider what each of them offers. Standard capabilities are what a modern GPS tracker must have. Example:

  • The permissible error is up to 5 m.

  • The cold start of the tracker is up to 1 minute.

  • Transmission of the information in real time.

  • The possibility of connecting additional sensors to improve the security properties of the car.

  • Possibility of flashing and remote adjustment.

  • Availability of protective systems, for example, against overload or discharge.

The presence of such characteristics is an essential condition for obtaining a modern and high-quality device. The absence of any functions in a particular model indicates outdated technologies. We recommend using advanced and improved GPS trackers.

We will separately consider devices with professional functionality. Their advantages are as follows:

  • Protection against voltage drops – the product's service life is extended.

  • The reason is indicated if the power is turned off (unintentionally).

  • Possibility of self-diagnosis of all tracker mechanisms to eliminate possible breakdowns.

  • Availability of RS-485 or RS-232 interfaces.

  • Remote introduction of changes to the system.

  • GPS / GSM reception.

  • Transmission of information by radio channel.

  • Connection to the CAN bus.

These are advanced capabilities, and they are present mainly in luxury devices.

Some functions affect the cost, but at the same time, their utility factor is reduced to a minimum. Maybe some such opportunities will be helpful, but for most – they will not. Example:

  • Support for both GPS and GLONASS: you will not get a significant improvement in data accuracy, but you will overpay.

  • The ability to use several SIM cards is a debatable advantage because, in the end, you will spend two times more on communication services.

  • Voice communication can reasonably be used for enterprises, but employees communicate much more conveniently and reliably.

  • Determining the jammer is useless because even if it is present, the tracker saves all data and sends a signal as soon as it makes contact.

  • Signal encryption.

Of course, the uselessness of such functions is a subjective opinion. Hence, the main rule of choosing a GPS tracker is to focus on your requirements.

Ideally, each function carries a specific value. You need to decide what tasks your GPS tracker should solve.

Choose models that allow you to improve functionality without replacing the base unit. After all, requirements change. Today, standard car tracking will be enough for you, but tomorrow you will want a device with additional sensors.

Do not put devices of different classes on the same level. If the cost is higher than the market average, find out why. Every price tag must be justified. You can also use a bug detector to identify intruders promptly.

How do I use Family1st tracker: use cases and features

Family1st is a versatile GPS tracker. It has the following characteristics:

  • Tracking when connected to the network. The information update rate is five seconds, so you will never miss anything essential and constantly know about the features of your equipment.

  • Setting multiple geofences. Choose the best routes and areas beyond which vehicles cannot go. This simplifies the control of the parameters of the car.

  • Using the platform, you can easily control all activities, generate reports, and receive information about tracker alerts. Setting up sending messages and emails.

  • Keep a history of up to one year to know about all the vehicle movements.

The modern Family1st GPS tracker has a reasonably long battery life, so it can efficiently work without being connected to the network. Stay always connected and control all movements. 

How can I track a car secretly: device installation

Installing the Family1st GPS tracker does not take much time. The wireless mount makes it easy to use. The portable compact device is relatively low in weight and does not create additional load during operation. You can easily benefit from all the installation's technical parameters to ensure the assigned tasks with minimal risks and costs for everyone.

Family1st is a compact all-in-one device that can be carried in your pocket for tracking purposes or installed in your car, motorcycle, or bike. If you think that someone is illegally following you, you can use a special jammer against stalkers, which will ensure your safety with minimal risk and cost. 

What tracker Does Mercedes use: Benefits of the Family1st tracker

You can connect Family1st to any vehicle to track your location in real-time. You can install it using the built-in interface. Also, after that, you can quickly start the device. It begins immediately after launch, allowing you to significantly optimize all costs for users. Among the critical parameters of the use of equipment, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Wide coverage worldwide, which allows you to optimize the use of equipment in different countries.

  • Ability to define the tracking area. For example, you can set routes and other options to improve tracking performance.

  • Maintaining account confidentiality ensures security and minimizes the risk of location tracking by third parties.

  • With the help of the travel log, you can easily control all the movement parameters.

Family1st is a compact and efficient solution for everyone who wants to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. Use equipment to facilitate real-time location tracking with fast data delivery. 

Can I track the location of a car: device setup

You can easily use the device to track the location of your car. You can connect the Family1st GPS tracker using a special cable. Once launched, it starts automatically fixing your site. Use a car GPS jammer to avoid unauthorized tracking by outsiders or scammers.

Family1st is the best choice for those who want to ensure their safety and minimize possible risks during operation. Everyone can benefit from high-quality equipment with minimal risks and costs. Choose only safe and proven equipment. To do this, you can seek advice from the Jammer Store staff. 

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