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Privacy Protection Is Important, How Do You Think?


As recent survey shows, about two-thirds of all US consumers want the government to protect their privacy in the internet. The big number of 81% wants their names to be added to the Do Not Track list according to the Consumers Union poll. Despite the fact that we are living in a modern age of global information sharing there are not so many people who like it.

How About You?

The poll result shows that people are disagree with their personal information being available to everyone from big companies to private persons. There are a lot of concerns such as companies may share this info with third parties without asking your permission to do so.

What do you think about it?

It is probably a little weird to realize that your security may be in danger and all this thoroughly permitted. Although there are some acts being voted in the Senate, you must think about some drop-in security.

To Do List

Recently internet was overwhelmed with lots of messages about hack-ins, internet breakings and additional safety leaks. Securing your information is not an easy task these days, if not the hardest. So it is probably be great to prepare yourself for the worst:


  • Upgrade your Antivirus software as often as possible and keep virus bases up to date
  • Purchase some well-made cell phone jammer from trusted supplier to use it if necessary
  • Get your name listed in the Do Not Track list if possible
  • Try to avoid sharing your personal data if it is not certainly

One More Thing

I do not know if all those bills would have some impact on our lives. Let us hope they would. And if so there is a possible scenario when marketing companies are hunting your personal info to know what ads to put in front of you. In that case your signal jammer is probably the only way to be safe from them.


So no more hesitation, look up at the To Do List and start completing it! It is your personal data in danger after all.

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