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Being Tracked By Your iPad or iPhone? Now You Can Forget It!

Being Tracked By Your iPad or iPhone? There Is A Solution!

With faster and faster development of technologies, modern world becoming more and more globalized and it neglects our individuality and “personal space”. The next information is a demonstrative example of such disregard.

Privacy issues

Apple Inc. was recently charged with invasion into privacy and even fraud by the two people who assert in the lawsuit that Apple is registering all movements of all their customers who use iPhone or iPad without letting them know about it.

Vikram Ajjampur from Florida (iPhone user) and William Devito from New York (iPad user), litigated Apple Inc. on April 22 in the federal court of Tampa in Florida, willing to get the judge’s order blocking the alleged information collection.

Their complaint cited the report made last week by the two PC programmers arguing that Apple’s Internetworking Operating System 4 is recording latitude and longitude coordinates with the exact time that place being visited. Those programmers said that Apple's devices are gathering location information which is worth a year of time. Apple Inc. has not made any comments on this matter yet (the report was released on April 20).

Apple spying technology

"We disagree particularly with the idea that Apple Inc. is now fundamentally tracking people all around they go,” the lawyer for the plaintiffs Aaron Mayer said today via phone. "If you are governmental federal marshal, then you need to have a special warrant to do such thing, and surely Apple Inc. is doing this without it".

"Vikram Ajjampur and William Devito are in addition requesting refunds 'cause they would not have purchased their goods had they just known about the thing", Mayer said. Their complaint states the alleged position data collection breaks federal fraud laws and also consumer fraud laws in a lot of ways.

The Apple Inc. clients said they were blind to the following system and never agreed to it. Even if they immediately disable the GPS on their iPhones and iPads, that clever tracking system keeps functioning, in accordance with the complaint.

So, as you can see, global international corporations are trying to deceive us even when they are telling us that “it is all right” and “there is nothing to worry about”. It reminds me old cyberpunk computer games, where the only way to make them stop tracking you was to shut down their tracking system and its source.

GPS jammers

But such elegant solution is not only a creation of the brain and matter of our future. It is already available for you to use and feel yourself free from such unpleasant things like letting them know where you are now or where you were couple of hours ago.

It is called GPS Jammer. And it is designed to be your simple and 100% guarantee of being the one and only proprietor of your own time and personal space, wherever and whenever you will go.

Your future is coming, and it is you who will decide what kind of future it would be!

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