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Your Employers Want To Read Your Private Correspondence And Spy On You


More and more frequently we face cases about employers that try to gather information and spy on his employees. That's why today we decided to pay our attention the that problem and tech our readers why employer is breaking the law, when he tries to spy on you and how can you protect yourself from that.

Latest discovery

We have checked the latest statistical data and discovered the fact that lots employers use special equipment to track employees. Over the last year the cases of dismissals due to social networking or other Internet activity has increased and that makes employees to feel uncomfortable at their offices. Statistics tell us that almost every third employee suspects that his employer is spying on him. Top-Managers and scientist tend to be more suspicious and it seems that the higher employee's salary is, the more suspecting he becomes.

Researching data

Social researches prove that 12% of employees had problems because their boss has read their private correspondence, checked their browsing history and monitored other non-working activities, that took place at the working place. For example, 44% got caught when looking for a new job and 43% spend their time on chatting with friends. In most cases such a tracking results into an unpleasant conversation with your boss, but sometimes it may result in dismission, a fine or even cut in wages.


Another interesting fact is that the every second employee that suspects that his employer spies on him tries to limit his non-working, personal activities, including cleaning of the browsing history and sometimes they even avoid chatting on sensitive topics. You should be really careful, when surfing the web at the office because there are billions of websites that gather your personal information. But in a matter of fact most of employees do not care about the possible tracking, spying and eavesdropping, and the minority is ready to leave a job or even sue his employee.

But that spying is not limited with a simple monitoring of browsing history and correspondence. There is a whole class of special programs for spying on the employees for the benefits of the employer. Such a software makes it possible to track any activity on the PC or the laptop and even turn on the camera and a microphone remotely. And it is done in the way that anyone will notice that he is being watched or eavesdropped.

Spying software

The most widely spread and simple are: Actual Spy, HiddenAdmin, Dameware, WebCam Monitor and a WebCamSpy. Those applications can help your boss to spy on you, but as you can see, evildoers can use them too. We at Jammer-Store checked and discovered that lawyers can't say that it is 100% illegal to use such a software, its legality is really doubtful.


We should also mention that such a software is frequently used in various Internet cafes, as well as in schools and universities. Also those apps are used for monitoring your house remotely and that is rather convenient because you can always check whether everything is OK at home from any point of the planet. But they are frequently mis-configured so anyone may have an access to it.

You may even try it yourself. You need simply to google «CgiStart? page=Single» and you will get a really huge list of web cameras that have an open access. Se we recommend you to spend some time for your camera configuration. And the bad news are that employers frequently leave an open access to the cameras that they install in offices and anyone may peep on you over the Internet. But there is a solution – a spy cam jamming device. It will help you to avoid being spied and block all the wireless web cameras in the area. Also don't forget to use that device if you have installed a home monitoring system and are not sure if its configured in a right way.

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