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WB15 Spy Camera Jammer, Hidden Webcams Blocker

Wireless Spy Camera Jammer

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  • Wireless Spy Camera Jammer
  • Spy Cam Signal Jammer
  • Wireless Signal Video Jammer
  • Spy Video Signal Jammer

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WB15 spy camera jammer is a wireless cameras jammer that is used to make all kinds of spy cameras and hidden microphones stop their work. When you think that your house, office or any other building that you constantly visit has spy cameras secretly installed to watch your every move or hidden microphones placed to listen to your conversations – this device is the best thing you can use in order to prevent details of your private life or business deals from being recorded and used against you.


Still spy cameras and hidden microphones are not the only dangers threatening your privacy. Modern technologies allow many evildoers and law enforcement agencies to hack into your web camera and establish surveillance on you in that way. But WB15 home webcams and wifi cameras jammer can prevent your web camera from watching you in case it was hacked and adding its ability to guard you from hidden microphones and spy cameras it may become the perfect solution to increase the quality of wireless protection in any kind of building.


There is one more thing about this WB15 hidden spy cam blocker. As long as it works with 900MHz and 1200MHz frequencies, it can interfere with some GSM cell phones and GPS navigators, but it is a rare case.




  • Works with three wireless frequency bands
  • Works against wireless surveillance devices
  • Area of operation equals 12 meters radius
  • Built-in battery
  • Two power adapters




  • Operated Frequencies: 900MHz, 1200MHz and 2400MHz
  • Working Power: 73dbm
  • Operating Range: 12 meters radius
  • Power Sources: Battery and two power adapters
  • Incoming Current: 1000-1200mA
  • Battery Parameters: 8.4V, Li-ion, 2600mAh, work / recharge time: 2-2.5 / 2.5 hours
  • Power Adapters: AC 110V~250V to DC 12V, 12V to DC 12V for cars, both 2000mA
  • Antennas Parameters: SMA 3db rubber (3 units)
  • Size Of Product: 110/189x63x34.5 mm
  • Weight Of Device: 0.28 / 0.8kg (product / package)
  • External Temperature: 0C~50C
  • Allowed Humidity: 5%~80%


WB15 is made to completely jam:


  • F-BOMB
  • Packet Forensics
  • Trendnet web cameras
  • Draganflyer X6
  • Internet Of Things
  • Samsung DV300F
  • Pebble and Twine
  • Google Wi-Spy
  • Amped Wireless High Power Wireless-N 600mW Pro Smart Repeater
  • FreedomPop
  • Spektrum DSM
  • Spektrum DSM2
  • PlayRobot
  • Dropcam HD WiFi monitoring camera
  • EyeRing
  • Sony SmartWatch
  • WiFi Hotspot Cufflinks
  • Parrot AR.Drone 2.0
  • Brookstone Rover Spy Tank
  • GoPro WiFi BacPac and Remote
  • Transparency Grenade
  • Lytro camera
  • Eye-Fi
  • Electric Imp
  • Bluetooth SIG


WB15 is made to partially jam:


  • Scan & Target Scan Surveillance
  • Utimaco DRS
  • FinFisher FinSpy Mobile
  • Broadcom BCM4752
  • TP-LINK Mini Pocket Router
  • GoBandit Live camera
  • Verint Analytics And Communications Solutions
  • Oregon Scientific ATC Beats WiFi Sports camera
  • Navizon Indoor Triangulation System

Product Attachments

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Customer reviews:

  • Author: Jenny March 7, 2013


    I use that device when I'm traveling because I'm afraid that hotel's administration will try to use hidden cameras in my hotel room. But with that device I feel myself safe. I don't know whether they really install those cameras or not, but it is better to be prepared!

  • Author: JessieCrum January 14, 2013


    I've never actually believed that something like that would really happen to me, but it did. Somebody hacked my smartphone, in fact my fellow in a service center that made the repairs told me that and they advised to keep Bluetooth turned off, but sometimes I need it and I forget to turn it off, but now I do not need that anymore, that jammer does everything instead of me. Thanks guys!

  • Author: PhilOil December 4, 2012


    That jammer works perfectly with various wireless cameras, I’ve tested it at home and all of my webcams went down, along with a Wi-Fi network as well. But it’s ok because I can be sure that no one is peeping on me. There is only a couple of things it lacks. It would be cool if it was possible to block those wired hidden cameras with that device, or just simply to locate those. That’d be surely cool!

  • Author: LuisParker October 17, 2012


    I owe a little enterprise and the things went well until these days. After a big negotiation that took place at my office everything went bad and it's looked like my business rivals simply knew my every step! So I've decided to try this jammer and everything got back well! Now my firm is saved and I will never bother about hidden cameras!

  • Author: deansecret August 29, 2012


    I have an office that is my primary work place. It is a small private accounting firm, and it is mine. I like working there and hate when something illegal occurs. But I have not even supposed that someday THAT will happen. I have found a hidden video camera in my office.

    As long as my work is related to financial system, accounts and numbers, there are many people willing to get some information they should not know at all. And they used wrong methods of getting it. So I have found this hidden camera, but I guess they have managed to capture some videos before.

    Then I have started to search for the solution because I could not waste so many time to inspect the whole office looking for those cameras every single day. And I could not afford to pay additional salaries or hire people to do that job. Then I stumbled upon this site and this jammer, bought it and installed it. Now I feel safe in my office day and night, and additional cash losses are relatively small - electric bills have slightly increased because of the jammer working 24/7. So now I am truly happy! :)

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