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Would You Like To Feel The Real Silence?


This world is changing rapidly and more and more new things come up to make our life better. One of them concerns train transportation. You see, for many years since trains appeared, people liked to communicate very actively during their trip to work, or from work, or no matter what other destination they had.

But now things have changed.

So What Have Happened?


The whole situation started to change with the introduction of first cell phones in the 1980s. If earlier it was not common to see someone sitting quietly and trying to avoid interaction with other people or making noise in other way, then after mobile phones appeared people started to use them often. This tendency is going forward nowadays.

Even people’s mind started to change. Many years ago people thought about entertaining yourself and others with nice conversation during their voyage on public train. If someone tried to sit silently, it was inappropriate and sometimes treated even as rude behavior. But nowadays it is vice versa – everyone wish to have peaceful trip without being disturbed.


People Make Progress

While thousands of people are suffering from other people in trains who like to talk for long by means of their cell phones and do it in loud manner, few cities made some things to prevent this annoying activity. Train lines in Boston, USA made restrictions regarding people’s behavior in their trains during rush hour. They are not allowed to use their mobile communication devices and even just talk loudly in this certain period of time.

The same initiative is being held by Virgin trains in London. Despite this innovation is in test mode, more and more people buying tickets in those quiet zones where they can travel in calm and quiet manner. So it will be no surprise when such quiet zones will be applied in every Virgin train and other trains of London.


It is also worth mentioning that not all people can understand what this restriction means. Such people will talk via their mobile phones anyway, no matter where they are. In this case it would be great if reliable cell phone jammers would be installed in those zones of silence to prevent mobile phone interruptions of your quiet and pleasant trip.

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