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Why cell phone jammer working range differs at all?

One of the most discussed topics on internet in the area of blocking devices is their working range. Every blocking device has a different blocking range and it is really important to know a couple of things on this topic if you are sure that you need to get one of those devices. Anyway, I think that you can find the information you have been looking for on internet and in this article I’ll try to explain why the working range stated by the manufacturer is often different from the actual working range.

Well, as a beginning we should mention that as soon as one of those blocking devices is created it gets tested. And along with all the necessary tests such as battery life, transmitted frequencies and so on, the working range is also tested. The reason why manufacturers always claim greater range than the actual is because those devices are tested most often on empty field. As you know when there are no buildings and different concrete structures, the range is wider. Most of us are living in big towns and we are surrounded by high buildings. This is why you don’t have to be surprised if your blocking device can’t block the signal of a phone located 30 meters from you. There might be lots of reasons for this but the most reasonable one should be the fact that the buildings are making the range smaller.

Different types of signal jammers

Of course there are many different types of signal jammers and if you want to spend a small fortune for one of those devices then you can be completely sure that you will have the chance to block any signal within a really big range. Of course, if you are on a tight budget and you think that you will not be able to buy an expensive device then you can get one of those low-powered devices. They have a really decent working range, especially if your main target is to block the people in the surrounding areas. I think that they have up to 5 meters which is quite enough, especially if you are currently on the bus and you want to make the people shut up for a minute or two. Device like this will definitely help you.

When it comes to handheld jammers you should pay special attention to their battery life because if you don’t have lots of money this is actually the most important thing you need to look for, along with the frequencies and working range. I think that every single blocking device is doing a great job and you need to have in mind that this is the easiest way to make people stop talking on their phones. It is really important to know a few things on those devices because this will make you chose one easily. There are lots of different internet forums and if you want additional information I would suggest you visit some of them.

Long range and radius cell phone jammers

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