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What Everyone Should Know About Mobile Phone Privacy

Location data is a cornerstone of this year and maybe even some future. Millions of dollars spent every year by different companies to know where their customers went, where they are now and where they would be in time. Those companies are seeking to have even more millions of dollars as their income with the help of that valuable information.

How do you think: it is creepy, because they will eventually know all about you, or it is good, because they will offer you products which you really need, ignoring those crappy things you event don’t want to see? Let’s discuss this topic closer.


The companies and entrepreneurs are building a new high-tech world of mobile apps and tracking. For example, Buzzd is an app that collects your position data and recommends you places nearby where you can hop and party. There are also other people’s comments, so before going somewhere new you can hear other opinions. Something like dish pre-taste.

DailyCandy Stylish Alerts is another app that goes even further. It recommends you places to visit not only using your current location, but also it considers places where you have been! Is it stalking? Or is it handy and useful? The providers of such apps are saying that their creations will never associate position with specific person, using special ID numbers instead.


Despite all this information being used for your comfort and getting better services, there are some creepy weird things about it. It is completely possible that GPS data and other similar information may be stored secretly in some third companies to be analyzed and used later. You know, for creating behavioral profiles, monthly moving patterns, etc., etc…

People are giving their personal data in exchange of some services and advantages. Using such demand and willingness to share their data is the key in such kind of marketing. New technologies are unfamiliar to probably most people in the world. They are very tempting due to their usefulness yet those sweet candies can be bad, not to say poisoned!

Does that sound a little bit paranoid to you?

Just think about it

And think carefully. Technological progress is great achievement still there are a lot of things to worry about. One may get use to new things and their advantages, ignoring possible threats, while others will not. It is all clear with the first ones, they are already happy. But the second ones are still looking for something else.

It is possible that soon all mobile devices will have integrated GPS trackers. “But I want to continue using my gadget!” – you can say. And you can do it. Modern electronics can offer you an easy solution. A solution provided by the qualified jamming specialists. It is called GPS jammers. You could hear about them, or not. It does not matter.

Because they can help you and that is the most important.

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