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Danger: Your Webcam May Have Some Surprises

Amazed, right? You can tell me: what surprises my web camera may have for me? Or even dangers? This is ridiculous! But believe me, I was experiencing the same feelings as you do right now. So here is the

Story beginning

The story began when I purchased a new shiny web camera. I was very happy about it and did not expect for any troubles. The information about the manufacturer of that camera is really unclear. There is no website mentions at all, only the country – China. Specified model is RES LYD-208C 2.4G. So I tried to use it and discovered


Actually I discovered two surprises, but one at a time. I turned on my notebook, plugged in this web camera, and suddenly left without any Wi-Fi connection! After a little bit of panic (shame on me for that) I checked wireless connection settings, but they were ok. I thought that this may be a simple bug, so here it comes: reboot. But it neither worked. The only thing left unchecked was my recent webcam, thus

Let the testing begin!

Going to the office of the loud crowded company is a fun thing. So I went there along with my webcam to examine its unexpected features by the field tests. Can you imagine it? It feels like you are some crazy scientist testing your recently invented device! Anyway, this mysterious Chinese gadget made those Wi-Fi connections to disappear in a range about 50 meters, even through the walls and drop arches. Still there is a disadvantage, which leads us to

The second surprise…

Any acquisitive mind is always looking for more, for some explanations. And your humble servant is not an exception. Willing to know where is the nasty trick in this situation I did some internet research and found out that such “unexpected” jamming abilities discovered in a simple harmless webcam can (and probably is) dangerous for you and your health. Thus without hesitation I decided to get rid of this suspicious thing ASAP, and I sincerely suggest you not to buy it, but if you already did – consider throwing it out. You may not listen to me still it is your life and your health, so think twice.

Oh, by the way

Another argument is that for the purpose of Wi-Fi jamming you better visit some website specializing on cell phone jammers and make a purchase there. Those products are professionally made and completely harmless to human beings. And also they are quite more reliable than such funny thing.

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