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UK Will Spy On All Its Population In Every Possible Way

United Kingdom privacy concerns

Yes, this is not a fiction anymore. MI5, MI6, GCHQ and other governmental and military organizations will use all ways available to collect the broad range of data about every single citizen of United Kingdom. Landlines, mobile phones of Virgin Media, Vodafone, BT, Sky and O2 carriers, social networks communication from common Facebook wall posts to personal messages in Twitter, e-mails and many more – all will be used for data collection.

They say that they will only store the phone numbers, e-mail addresses and other similar information and that not a single content of any call, text message, e-mail or other message in any system will be stored. I have really huge doubts about it. According to the government’s own words, they are doing it with the purpose of terrorism prevention and overall increase in the quality of how police will protect citizens from organized crime. But to do that effectively, they need to read all those messages and listen to every single call they will store.

Data center storage

Data center storage

By the way, text and voice data are not the only ones to be stored. Another huge amount of data is the location data from GPS navigation and other similar tracking systems, including even GSM towers and Wi-Fi hotspots triangulation which are used for precise indoor location finding. This data will be used together with texts, messages and calls for the UK government to be able to know who, when and where. This might sound nice and reliable from the security point of view, but what about your privacy?

Just think about the vast field of possibilities for the third parties which will be opened since that data will start to gather on the governmental servers. All mobile phone carriers will be definitely tempted to use this bunch of data for marketing and advertising purposes, don’t you think? And also think about hackers! Every single hacker in UK will want to reach those data, and not only in UK. Foreign governments and their intelligence agencies will be highly interested in getting all that data too. I guess such information is very dangerous to be stored, no matter how carefully it is secured.

One nation under cctv painted

Blocking signals

I guess after reading all this you are shocked a little bit and probably even already arguing about your privacy and personal rights issues. And you know, you have the right to do that, because it is the most impudent usage of all modern technological achievements to make the absolute surveillance system watching you day and night. What can you do with it? You can behave more carefully when you online or on the phone, leaving all the private stuff to say and do in person. And also you can block almost all ways for UK government to watch and track you, leaving the rest of them like e-mails for you to deal on your own because, you know, something must always be done only by yourself.

So, what do you think about this situation? Reduce all your thoughts to writing!

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