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TWJ100 Power GSM Jammer

Powerful Cell Phone Jammer

TWJ100 mobile phone jammer is a unique instrument, a kind of analog radio transmitter, transmitting a signal of low power. These directional radio signals create interference and inhibit communication between the mobile station and mobile phones.

TWJ100 features

TWJ100 is a small device, with dimensions slightly larger than a normal mobile phone, whose action is directed solely at suppressing GSM. In connection with such a narrow scope, suppressor, can be placed in any desired location without worrying about the work of other electronic devices. This is particularly true in health care facilities, theatres, laboratories. In addition to the basic equipment suppressor cellular network providers offer charger and a car. To work with a depressant cellular TWJ100 is not necessarily to be a specialist or owner of a profound knowledge in the technical field. Just read the instructions, written and easily accessible. A test device can be virtually anywhere, thanks to its small size, covers to be worn on a belt and, of course, rechargeable battery that can be a suppressor TWJ100 portable model. Batteries included in a complete set of the suppressor of cellular communication - Ni-Mg.

Their basic dignity - an excellent tolerability of low temperatures, but there is a small drawback. All the batteries of this type have a "memory effect" and that it be avoided, should always be fully charged and discharged batteries. To help resolve this problem, the manufacturer has included in the charger depressant cellular function such as "Discharge". Prior to each charging the need to insert the battery into the charging cup and press the "level", the instrument automatically lay waste storage tank and goes into charging mode. Under these rules the battery life depressant cellular TWJ100 will be 1000 cycles (a cycle - this time from full charge to full discharge). Buy TWJ100 here

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