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Tracki GPS tracker: features and specifications when using

Tracki is a modern device that tracks your current location using GPS. It has a compact size, versatility, and comprehensive functionality, so it is often used to provide users with tasks in everyday life. Many may also be interested in using civilian GPS signal jammers to avoid tracking by intruders.

The basic functionality of the car tracker is to determine the exact coordinates, time, and movement speed. This is enough to track shipments or protect against theft, but the essential functions can be expanded by coordinating the tracker with security systems.

Additional features of the GPS tracker:

  • Control of fuel consumption.

  • Fixation of temperature data in the cabin and body.

  • Lock activation indicator.

  • Warning about the exit of the object from the permitted zone, etc.

Each additional option affects the cost of the equipment, so the most significant demand for extended functionality comes from commercial enterprises. Private car owners use GPS trackers with standard functionality, especially since they play the role of an alarm beacon even without connecting to the onboard electrical network, which is necessary to expand the device's capabilities.

The location and type of installation depend on the power supply. Security and monitoring systems require a connection to the onboard network, which is mounted under the instrument panel. But autonomous devices with their battery are more flexible in the choice of installation location: they can be mounted behind the radio, next to the glove box, or anywhere else.

There are no special requirements for the location of autonomous models: they have a case protected from dust and moisture, and the only thing to remember is the maintenance and repair of the GPS tracker. Mounting the beacon is advisable, so it can be repaired without dismantling. You may need to change settings or recharge the battery, and it will be easier to do this if the GPS tracker is located in an accessible place. On the other hand, you need to maintain a reasonable balance and not attach the equipment in plain sight so that thieves do not notice it.

It is better to invite specialists to connect the equipment to the onboard system, but it is easy to install autonomous models; you can cope with this without the help of professionals. Most often, hardware or adhesive tape is chosen for installation. If the surface is plastic, select a video that will not damage the material. You can also install the beacon on screws or self-tapping screws – the housing usually has holes for them. Wiring can help secure the GPS tracker depending on the chosen mounting location, but you must fix it.

Wired models are difficult to install: connecting at least four wires to the onboard computer, including the alarm output wire. This alarm cable is connected according to the principle: the red element is designed to connect to the positive terminal, and the black one is included in the negative zone. The alarm cable can be omitted if the GPS tracker is part of the general security system.

More was needed to install the system – activation is required. How to activate the GPS tracker is written in the instructions for it. The most common method: an SMS with the text specified in the instructions is sent to the device. After that, the installation can be considered complete.

How accurate is Tracki GPS: measurement accuracy

The Tracki GPS tracking system has a high performance. This device is often used to track the location of vehicles, people, and things, with various effects and functionality. This device has an unlimited range. This means you can track your current location with minimal effort and cost. You need to configure the device to read the signals to do this. It also needs to be pre-charged for optimal performance.

GPS tracker Tracki is compact in size so that it can be installed almost anywhere. The magnetic mount has a high degree of adhesion to the surface, providing a high-quality result. You must purchase a subscription by choosing the optimal tariff plan. A portable waterproof device can be used to implement tasks of any complexity, minimizing possible costs. You can also use special GPS blockers to avoid tracking your location. 

Is Tracki a good tracker: device advantages

Tracki is a high-quality GPS tracker that has many positive features during operation. Among the key characteristics, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Ability to track any items and vehicles in real-time. You can independently choose the optimal range of signals for tracking. Provides complete signal coverage around the world. The kit includes all the necessary equipment to ensure maximum functionality. You can quickly take benefit of all the technical features.

  • Technical equipment has a compact size and low weight, so you can easily install it almost anywhere without being noticed by others. Hide the installation of the Tracki tracker so that no one knows about using such equipment.

  • Battery life is more than ten months at economical consumption. You should also note that you can use the battery in active mode for up to six times longer compared to many analogs on the market today.

  • The device is capable of working with GPS satellites. To do this, it is enough to connect to the Internet to be able to transfer only relevant data about your current location. Use the optimal range by setting the tracking parameters. You will also be able to choose the best route for the location of the device by individual tasks and preferences, minimizing possible costs.

  • A long-term warranty allows you to get the required maintenance.

You must pay a monthly or annual subscription to use the software. Choose the best option for servicing the Tracki GPS tracker by individual tasks. 

How long does the Tracki GPS battery last?

The device can maintain a charge level for several weeks in busy work. This is an excellent opportunity to provide the required functionality with minimal cost and effort. To do this, select the activity option. For example, if you plan to update the data every minute, the battery life can be more than ten months. It is also possible to set more economical modes to conserve energy.

How far can Tracki track: distance and features

Understanding the range allows you to configure the equipment's operation to track your current location. With the help of a bug detector, you can easily find the tracking devices of intruders who are planning to steal your valuable equipment or other equipment. Choose only proven and safe solutions.

GPS tracker Tracki is a functional device popular among buyers due to its high versatility and ease of use. Review all options before using them to choose the best option. Jammer Store specialists are always ready to advise you on any issues. 

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