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Texting While Walking: Would You Like It To Become Illegal?

Beautiful girl texting while walking

This is the question you should think about today. You can ask me: why do I even bother about it? As the answer to your question I would like to say that despite the fact that it seems not much of a problem (in compare to texting while driving for example) this topic raises its popularity these days. That is why I ask you to think about it deeply and consider the options. I also give you some examples as food for thought.

There is no law that prohibits texting while walking yet. But one town in New Jersey called Fort Lee has almost passed such law. Eventually the law was not approved and few state walk-safe programs were initiated in March because of 2 fatal pedestrian incidents were occurred within 24 hours in Fort Lee this February. Moreover, 117 pedestrians were fined for failing to use crosswalk with or without using their mobile phone.

Pedestrian in danger because of texting while walking

No matter if you are driving your car or walk across the street (even using crosswalk) – texting while you drive or walk puts in danger not only your life but lives of other people surrounding you too. For example, you are texting while walking to the crosswalk and didn’t see that you have red light and cars have green one. You start crossing the road and either you be hit by car (especially if the driver was texting too and didn’t see you) or the driver will do rough braking and be hit by the car that drives behind him. Or realizing that he won’t be able to stop in time and willing to prevent his car hitting you he will turn to the sidewalk to have more time to break. And no one knows how this will end…

To deal with this problem different countries are using different methods. For example, in London you can see padding at poles for pedestrians who are texting while walking to not being hurt too much when they hit the pole by their head. Seems funny? Yep, it is funny to watch someone in this situation but when you hit that pole by your head it will definitely not be so funny. But there is another option for all pedestrians including you – you can prevent texting while walking around you and make your life and lives of many people around you much safer.

Padded poles in London

So let’s return to the initial question: would you like texting while walking to become illegal in your town? Tell me what you think in the comments.

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