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Teens Must Not Mix Cell Phones With Cars

Teen girl behind the wheel

New driver appeared in your family these days? If it is your daughter, you can make wise thing and remind her that using her mobile phone in the vehicle is not the best idea. This advice works well for anyone in your family, yet latest study shows that all teen girls are almost two times more likely to use cell phones or other electronic gadgets while driving than teen boys - and that may spell car crash.

The driver safety group

The driver safety group called AAA Foundation installed video cams in the automobiles of 52 teens when they had got their driving permissions. AAA Foundation returned when those teens had got their driving licenses and were driving their cars for approximately six months. Cams recorded endlessly, yet only stored information for 10 seconds right before and after the vehicle swerved harshly or the rough braking was used. The study furnished about 8,000 video clips in total.

Only 15% of all incidents involved some type of distraction, showing that teens already have many troubles when driving.

Teen boy with cell phone behind the wheel

Dangerous talking in a car

"Cell phone texting and talking, personal grooming, reaching for various things in the vehicle were amongst the most ordinary distracting actions," AAA Foundation CEO Peter Kissinger said in his statement. He believes that distracted driving behaviors make its contribution to making car accidents the major source of death for teens.

The largest distraction

The largest distraction for all teenagers was the usage of electronic gadgets that was seen in as much as 7% of all video clips or about half of all incidents which had happened.

Yet girls were surprisingly far more likely to distract from driving than boys. Girls utilized their cell phones twice as often as boys. Also they were 50% more likely to start reaching for anything in the car, and they took food and drinks more frequently behind the wheel.

Still good news for all parents is that those distracted behaviors considerably decreased when mother or father was in the vehicle. Nevertheless, when they are not there and the teen driver has the group of friends in the vehicle, risks go up. Yet don't blame cell phone – while teens were two times as likely to suddenly drive off the road during the horseplay in the car, they were in fact less likely to utilize their cell phones with mates in the vehicle.

Teen girl uses mobile phone while driving

The video cams in addition measured subtile behaviors like teens who took their eyes off the road, which was far more ordinary happening when their cell phone was present in the vehicle.  Usually, teen drivers looked off the road the second longer than similar drivers without any cell phone distractions behind the wheel.

"A second might not seem much to you," Kissinger said. "Yet at 65 mph, the vehicle passes the basketball court length in a one second."

As a parent who cares about your teen kid you cannot prevent all his or her distractions while driving. Still you can help your kid to avoid at least half of the dangerous situations on the road by blocking cell phone usage in the car that will lead to the more focused driving behavior of your daughter or son.

What do you think about teens driving US roads? Tell us in the comments!

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