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Smartphones: Smarter World May Become Dangerous World


In today’s industry, where smartphone is the king of the jungles, mobile phone producers have no alternative but to make and satisfy growing demand for smartphones which are full of technology, functionality and, certainly, attractiveness.

Nokia brought in mind all those things when it set up Symbian Anna mobile phones 3 months ago. Now, there is another chain of smartphones called Symbian Belle, which is supposed to hit the local stores in fourth quarter of this year.

Mobile phone and smartphone giant Nokia has the biggest interest in communication technologies, as late introduction of the Symbian Belle in Hong Kong has shown. There are 3 recent mobile phone models with Symbian platform on board were unveiled.


Nokia phones features

Over the past years, Nokia phones have continued to develop— with various design ideas incorporated to content the ever-changing necessities of mobile customers.

Before, people utilized their mobile phones chiefly for texting or communicating with their relatives and loved ones. Yet now, the mobile phone became more than simply an instrument for texting. People utilize their smartphones to take photos, listen to music, track their daily activities, play games, communicate in social networks, and other things.

"Nearly 67 percent of smartphone users utilize their Symbian-powered mobile devices to access Facebook and Twitter, while other smartphones are broadly utilized to play games,” said Colin Giles, executive vice president of Nokia.

A late study provided by Nokia in addition poured out that about 400,000 photographs are taken each minute utilizing a Nokia mobile phone or smartphone.


Signal jammers for smartphones

As you can see, smartphones are widely spread all around us. There might be need sometimes for you to block their signal which can bother you or simply interrupt some important moment. To do that you can use smartphone signal jammer and even the latest models of those smart devices would be totally jammed.

What do you think about smartphones, their part in our life and their possible threats? Share your opinion in the comments!

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