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Saving Lives: How Cell Phone Jammers Can Do It


Do you know what is the most powerful and dangerous weapon of terrorists in all military conflicts? Guns? Vehicles? Tanks? Planes? You’ve probably heard and already know the answer: IED. If not – here is a short info about it.

Hidden And Dangerous

IED (Improvised Explosive Device) – the handmade bomb, radio-controlled via GPS or other frequency band. It can be placed almost anywhere: road, field, dust, mud, hills, mountains and so on. During the world war conflicts IEDs were used quite effectively as a dangerous and extremely lethal weapon to be afraid of.

Here is the small part of what Wired wrote about Iraqi conflict:Johnnie-Mason-died-on-IED

When Mason — a lanky, 31 year-old Texan with big brown eyes and a goofy smile — came across the bomb, he wanted to puke into his Kevlar protective suit. The dead bodies, they smelled like catfish bait. But there was no time to heave. Mason knew the weapon was live, and that he was outside his Warlock's protective bubble. He figured he only had a moment or two to act before a bomber remotely detonated his device. So Mason jumped behind a three-foot berm, and crouched into a fetal position before the shock wave hit him. "It was too fast for me to think, 'Oh God, I’m gonna die,'" Mason said. "It was just instant fear."

Five months later his team came across another IED on a highway. Mason died trying to disarm that device. And there are lots of such examples.

Robots-disarming-IED-IraqWhat Army Did

Military jammers are getting better and better with each day. They are adjusted in such way that no interference between them can be possible. They are adapted to different kinds of IEDs and different frequencies. For example, military jammer called Warlock Duke intercepts advanced signals and blocks them instead of blocking all bandwidth.

There are also other military jammers named Warlock Red, Warlock Green, Warlock Blue and so on. They are all specified for different frequencies and IEDs.

But the most important thing is that those jamming devices are getting more and more reliable when it comes to signal jamming.


Civil Benefits

As a civilian you probably thinking: what’s in it for me?

manipulator-car-IED-disarmFirstly, if any of your relatives or loved ones is a soldier, you will now know that US Government spends a lot of money and scientific potential to maintain the maximum safety of people who fights for their country. As an example, $17 billion were already spent to purchase 50.000 units of military jammers from different suppliers.

Secondly, you are now more aware of what is going on at the modern battlefields and how modern military conflicts complicated.

And thirdly, you will know for sure now that military jammers have the maximum reliability when they are working. So when you start using this Powerful Military Jammer to block annoying signals nearby, remember that the best technical achievements were used to design, create and produce this device.

And someday it may be you who will save someone’s life.

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