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Four Reasons To Avoid Using GPS-based Devices

Locals and tourists from space

As you know, GPS is very helpful device developed by humans. It is used broadly in all parts of the world, in many industries, locations and has many applications. But it can be also used by various evildoers to track and trace different people they are interested in. So let me put you up to the list of main reasons why you should avoid those handy at first sight devices.

Reasons not to use GPS

The four reasons not to use GPS are:

Beautiful girl with mobile device

Reason #1: Illumination?

Eric Fischer uses geo tags to separate local people and tourists on the maps of different cities. You can see the New York at the picture. The blue color represents local people, and the red one – tourists. The data being divided by the pictures’ date (month period and more). Can you imagine? Wherever you go as a tourist, you can be tracked and differed from locals.

Reason #2: Car GPS

It is not a secret that your GPS device can be used to trace your car. And you will be tracked along with it too. Add the fact that FBI and other secret organizations are using GPS trackers to monitor people’s position on the world map. You probably read such things on the web. So I will tell you no more on this topic, the only thing is that it is your car can be the victim of that hidden devices.

People using GPS for sea and ocean navigation

Reason #3: Mobile Devices

As a tourist fond of mountain trips, marine cruises and other types of active rest you are probably using your mobile gadget with GPS navigation. At first sight it seems like great idea, but if thought deeper… Your position can be determined precisely anywhere you go. Besides, old paper maps are still produced and can be bought, and they are more reliable.

GPS used in mountains to navigate

Reason #4: All Those Evildoers

As you may guess many tricksters are trying to take your money away. They are lying, deceiving, shifting and doing all they can to make their bad intentions become reality. And for that purpose they are also using GPS data collected from plenty of mobile devices, including your favorite one. Is it a good reason for you to consider?

So, what to do?

The decision is the one for you to make. You may use GPS for “good” purposes and worry about being tracked every single day. Or you may consult with our qualified jamming specialists and select GPS jammer to use it when you need to be able to get away from busy world and relax with your family at the nature side. Your family, the people you love and who loves you!

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