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Police Of Victoria, Australia Will Use Flying Spy Drones

Australia capital Melbourne

Police say this technology would make their job safer yet civil libertarians fear that drone usage would lead to serious intrusions in people's privacy. Police won't clarify what parts would be assigned to those drones in different departments, yet it’s believed they would be utilized in surveillance and also during automobile chases. In a written announcement, Victoria Police depicted the technology as quickly developing and said something that could create more efficient and much safer policing is definitely worth estimating.

US law enforcement agencies have already started to use drones and UAVs for their work and the Airwing of Victoria Police lately hosted a meeting to analyze their possible implementations. Victoria Police stated on Sunday that it will proceed with its researches into whether those drones are fit for future operations, yet didn't provide explicit time frame for their decision to be made. "Victoria Police will proceed to estimate the rapidly maturing UAS technology niche for possible operational utilization in the nearest future," they have stated.

Drone testing

Yet the concept has alarmed many civil libertarians who claim that drones would be utilized to track persons who didn't perform any crime at all. Spencer Zifcak, the Liberty Victoria president, says their group will also write to Victoria Police and express all their concerns in the letter. "They will be quickly armed with modern technology that will give them ability to recognize individuals. So, for instance, if the police desire to track any political demonstration, drones won't only be capable of tracking where that demonstration is heading yet in addition to start recognizing people who are involved in that demonstration," he stated.


Not long ago one activist in Poland showed an exclusive abilities of small flying drones when he set up a quadrocopter and launched it to track aggressive protests in Warsaw. The movie, that was published online and rapidly went viral, in addition raised many questions about how those drones would be utilized in journalism.

Drone watching skier movement

Spencer Zifcak says flying drones can seriously invade people's privacy. "Flying drones are capable of tracing every move of particular person from the morning time when they leave their house to the evening time when they get back to their home," he added. "They are technologically exquisite and carry great possibilities for tracking different people who are not necessarily involved in any kind of illegal actions or crimes." The Government of Victoria would not make any comments on the application of drones as they claimed it was strictly police operational matter.

Are you living in Australia? Or you are tourist who is visiting Victoria? In any way from now on you have to beware of those flying drones which can watch you and all your movement from above. Or you can prevent Australia police drones from tracing your movement and they will be unable to watch every step you make. Do you like such idea? Write what you are thinking about in the comments.

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