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Nokia Lumia 800: Cool Design And Perfect Performance


The newest Nokia Lumia 800 model, in accordance with CEO Stephen Elop, is "the first true Windows Phone". Other smartphone models, made by the HTC and Samsung companies, have been respectable enough, but they do not come forward with the confidence of the recent Lumia 800.

However the seamless polycarbonate hard outer cover and the toughness of this device are striking, in reality it is the software of Windows Phone that truly gleams. Matched with Nokia’s great design and excellent cam heritage, there is a plenty things to like, whether it is the integrated Office or just social networking.


The screen

The 3.7” screen comes forward with Super AMOLED resolution, and Windows Phone tiles truly do look striking; demonstrating you the climate, a boarding card or a mate’s picture, the hardware of this device is as great as its software requires. And the smartphone’s tactile, matte surface shows that the Lumia is really not like the block of soap that plenty of other smartphones frequently appear to be designed on. It is in addition pleasingly weighted, exactly at 142g.

Exclusive apps 

Exclusive apps on the new Lumia are limited; for example, Nokia Drive comes forward with a respectable satnav alternative, yet so do the iOS apps or Google Maps on whichever Android smartphone. A Music app furnishes pre-arranged playlists, which is great for people who wish to have a radio replace. Elsewhere, certainly, other Windows Phone apps may be downloaded directly from the primary Microsoft Marketplace.


There is no front cam on the impressive Lumia 800, which may become a sad fact when Microsoft will roll out Skype, but all this does signify the all-screen superior design, barely developed from the N9 series, looks beautiful. There is a single-core CPU, 1.4GHz, inside the awesome Lumia 800 and also 16Gb of storage, with 8 megapixel cam on its back. With 512Mb RAM, this smartphone performs to a T.

Nokia Lumia jammer

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