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Kensington BungeeAir Will Warn You About Forgotten iPhone 4


For those among you tended to leave your smartphone somewhere after encounters or while traveling abroad, Kensington has really cool recent case that alarms you when you are about to accompany with very precious business instrument. The capture is that it at the present time only functions with iPhone 4.

The product, known as BungeeAir, has two elements that function together to inform you if you are at risk of missing your iPhone. It contains a case which you may utilize to defend the body of smartphone and a cordless BungeeAir Fob which you may fix anywhere from your pocket and to briefcase or purse. But if you go farther than 50 feet from your iPhone, the audio alarm will sound along with the screen being password-locked, and if somebody takes it up or grab it he/she won't be capable of seeing your information. If you are such person who usually puts things down anywhere, you may push a button on the fob which triggers the alarm in case you forgot where you left it. The fob works from battery for six months.


This gismo would have rescued my husband in the summer when he dropped his precious iPhone under the bush which he was planting in the garden.


At the present time, according to ZDNet, there are two variations of BungeeAir which Kensington is vending. The first lists for $99.99 and adds a useful battery to the case element so you will have an additional four hours of work for your iPhone. This battery has capacity of 1500mAh, and the cordless technology of BungeeAir is 2.4GHz. The second variation of the product relieves with the battery but also comes with special adapter that you can fix to the 30-pin connector of the iPhone, which then communicates dierctly with the fob. That variation of the product is estimated at $79.99.


The downside of all this, certainly, is if you forget the fob and your iPhone at the same location — and that location is not where you are — this safety does not do much good for you. But if you are absentminded, check out this product.


By the way, this freshly developed device can be easily blocked by one of our jamming devices, which you can call BungeeAir jammer or Kensington case jammer.

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