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Kensington BungeeAir Will Warn You About Forgotten iPhone 4


If you always forget your phone somewhere, then Kensington offers a case that will become a reminder for you in case you lose a valuable device. Currently, the device only works with the iPhone 4, which is not very convenient.


This product is called BungeeAir. It is equipped with several working components to help you find your smartphone. The kit includes a protective case to protect against damage to the subject and a wireless keychain that can be easily attached to the hand. If you move more than 50 feet from the phone, you will feel the signal, and the screen will be completely blocked. If someone tries to steal a smartphone, he will not be able to use it. This device works for everyone. The battery can last a year without recharging.

This little device saved my father when he was gardening.

Device options

According to ZDNet, Kensington provides several device options. There is a case battery option to recharge your phone. The battery capacity reaches 1500 mAh, and the frequency is 2.4 GHz. The choice is also equipped with a special adapter for contactless charging, which comes with the key fob. This system is cheaper.

There is a disadvantage. You should check that you will not be able to find the device if you have a keychain. Maximum care must be taken.

By the way, this device can also be blocked using BungeeAir Jammer and Kensington case Jammer.

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