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Famous iOS System May Be Vulnerable!

Many people trust Apple and buy iPhones in order to get the best smartphone. These devices have many useful applications, high-qualitative camera and a lot more other functions which make people prefer them than Android, Windows Phone or BlackBerry. Yes, we agree Apple are very good because their products are wanted but we do not dare to say they are they are the best one. Mobile phones running on iOS are vulnerable as all the other operation systems. Many viruses have been created by hackers and all of the OSes can be damaged. There are special bad softwares for each OS and none of the is absolutely safe so their is a great chance your mobile phone to be affected by some of them.

Hackers and new malware

Hackers try to find more and more loopholes in the operation systems and to create new malwares. Some iPhone users have reported that there is a problem with some Internet sites and the proper working of Safari. Also, iOS won't save you from websites that gather your personal data. Some adds appear and block the browser when you visit some internet sites. The problem about that is some webpages are affected with malwares and in this way they harm your mobile phone too. We would like to mention that there was such a problem with Android mobile phones too some months ago. Scripts are built in some sites and they make popup adds appear. According to these adds you should send a SMS message if you want to visit the website. Pressing the „OK” or „Cancel” button will not close the add and if you restart the phone this also will not help you to get rid of the annoying message.

Problems with iOS

The owner of a device running on iOS should go to Setting and delete all cookies and data which refer to Safari and clear the History Cache. This is the way through which he/she can remove the adds. Safari is not the only browser which can give such problems the other ones also do. It is worth mentioning that malware scripts do not check out the user-agent of the client and that is why the such kind of adds can appear in all kind of browsers which maintan JavaScript. They are not dangerous only for devices running on iOS but also for every other platform. Some of those viruses may even block the main functions of your smartphone, so it won;t be able to send or receive signals, just as if there were a cell phone jammer nearby, so make sure to avoid them.

This is one of the main problems which concern iOS but of course there are some more. Hackers are very skillful and always create new ways through which they harm our phones and data stored on them. There is no absolutely safe mobile phone which can’t be attacked by a virus, so all those rumors about that iOS is the safest mobile OS are not true. All the problems with the malicious apps for iOS come from unexperienced users. First of all lots of users jailbreak their devices, which opens a whole gateway for malware. Also, installing apps from third party providers is dangerous, and it is possible only with a jailbroken smartphone!

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