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HTC Titan: Carved From The Alien Meteorite


We knew when we first clapped our looks at this hulk of a telephone that it would make a courageous buy. It is not just that 4.7-inch screen, which demands real leap of faith, but in addition the Windows Phone OS, which looks here in it’s totally Mangofied honor but is still really an early clean ecosystem. Eventually, if you adore the Titan's hardware yet like more instituted operating system, you may always wait until the Sensation XL release, which is basically the same smartphone running good old Android and which ought to have a comparable $750 price (without SIM). The wonder is, do you have enough courage to make that leap to something more unique? Yes? Maybe? Then go on reading before you start your run-up.

The build quality of the Titan still gives us real buzz each time we take it up. When dwarves carve a smartphone from the extraterrestrial meteorite, this is exactly how it will look. Separate the aluminum unit body case and it is all dark and gold beneath, with exquisite shaping and improved stiffness. How far all things have come since those plastic lax of the TyTN or TyTN II, when those HTC smartphones could not even say clear their mythic names while looking serious.


Titan is 5mm taller and wider in compare with well-known 4.3-inch smartphones like the Sensation XE, for example. So, is the size of the Titan truly that large of a problem in everyday usage? Only from time to time. We established that it was usually simple to forget about that when it hidden in a pocket of our pants. On the other side, don't rely on putting your automobile key or your credit card billfold or anything else you can put in there -- the shortage of maneuverability upsurges the probabilities of a scratch, and in reality we administered to obtain a bad nick after just several days by making exactly this mistake, in spite of the Gorilla Glass screen. Apart from all this, Titan has you will see under, we believe the Titan's mass is justified by the fact that it has leading pay-offs regarding how enjoyable it’s for usage to deal with everyday tasks.


Although this smartphone may be really cool to have and use, in some situations you may be frustrated by its usage by other people who can talk loud in public places and act rude while talking on HTC Titan in public. To prevent their awful deeds you can use HTC Titan smartphone jammer and be sure that it will grant you some quiet and peaceful time wherever you are.

How do you like this new smartphone? Would you purchase it or would you use jammer to protect from it? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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