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HTC Rhyme: Perfect Smartphone For Talkative Women


New HTC Rhyme is the female-focused smartphone which comes with auxiliary devices. You may in addition purchase auxiliary devices of the same color to correspond the plum case if you want. Wireless And Mobile News review indicated some fascinating things which we definitely would like to share about new HTC Rhyme. At first, we have seen only male-dominated websites which have published women's reviews and their assumptions differ as much as their shoe heel sizes vary.

The ads demonstrate the multi-arm goddess which is juggling multiple parts of the ecosystem of life. The promotions are saying that HTC Rhyme is the thoughtfully intended to think the way we do. This expression could be the source of how this HTC Rhyme sounds true or false.

Charging dock

Many reviewers liked a charging dock but they were puzzled about this LED charm. We established a video that demonstrates a great usage for that charm. It does not only brightens to let you instantly know your smartphone  is ringing, but in addition it acts as fishing line which aids you to find your new HTC Rhyme and easily pull it out of your purse. Nevertheless, a Circe reviewer noted that the dongle is absolutely rough, making it hard to affix this charm to most standard bags.


A recent reviewer toyed with the smartphone's name by saying there’s no reason to buy HTC Rhyme until its price gets a little cheaper, but you may obtain new HTC Rhyme for $49 at Amazon which is the exact price you would probably pay for the dock station or another smartphone model.

Camera and battery

Another reviewer mentioned that the battery of this smartphone is not removable and that could be trouble because you cannot replace it. Also she liked the soft material of HTC Rhyme with plum color, great battery and special camera effects. She decided that if you adore purple color and HTC Sense then HTC Rhyme may become ideal smartphone for you to have.

There are multiple things that ladies will definitely like about new HTC Rhyme. It is not really bad smartphone. In fact it looks pleasant and its docking station is extremely helpful instrument.


Using phone jammers

Ladies are individuals with a lot of thinking ways and multiple various needs, and because of that this new smartphone may become very popular among them, thus you may find that you need to prevent them using it for endless cell phone talks in public places. To do that you have to use HTC Rhyme jammer that will guard your ears from being overwhelmed by those annoying blabbing.

Anyway, what do you think about new HTC Rhyme? Do you like it? Are you willing to purchase it or (if you are man) already planning to do pleasant surprise to your girlfriend or wife? Tell us what you think in comments!

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