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How You Can Enjoy Restaurant Dinner In Peace

Restaurant mobile phone user

Restaurant mobile phone user

Imagine this: you are going to have your first taste of that delicious meal at your most-liked restaurant when out of the blue you are shaken up by a cell phone ringing aloud at the neighboring dining table. You turn your head and look at the scoundrel.

Rather than turn his mobile phone off, your uncivil neighbor not only replies its call, but also continues to have a long and completely meaningless conversation, making all his words to be loud and heard clearly. Other diners glare at the mobile phone and its user, but the conversation proceeds. Now the vapor is rising not from delicious dishes but from your boiling rage.

So far from enjoying your exclusive evening meal, you have only a compulsive wish to get up, go directly to the wrongdoer, take the cell phone away from him, and then phlegmatically drown it right into the caller's glass of wine. Sink, annoying cell phone, sink!

Cell phone jammers in public places

But before performing that tiny act of brutality, you calm yourself down and ask a waiter to come at your table. Then you tell him about the cell phone jammer which you saw promoted online and which is ensured to put an end to cell phone insanity in this restaurant and many other public places. At last a resolution!

Mobile phone jammers

One week has passed and you came back for another pleasant dinner to enjoy and saw a new sign placed at the window stating in big bright lettering that this restaurant is now "No Cell Phone Zone" because of the mobile phone jammer freshly purchased and installed inside the restaurant by its proprietor.

At this time you can enjoy your favorite repast without any mobile phones ringing, and with each attempt to make any outgoing mobile phone call discomfited by that cell phone jammer completely.

You are really happy now, because you can have your meal in peace at last!

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