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GPS vehicle tracker Cube: features and specifications

Cube is a modern GPS tracker for your vehicles, characterized by high functional characteristics and ease of use in everyday life. This device is suitable for worldwide geolocation and travel. With it, you can always know where your car is. You may also be interested in a mobile GPS blocker that blocks third-party software during operation.

An alarm is necessary to protect a car from theft, but it is not enough: criminals have learned to disable it faster than the owner has time to react to the notice. That is why drivers increasingly install a GPS tracker along with the alarm system, a device that tracks the location of the car, its route, and speed.

Even knowing that a tracker is installed in the car, the thieves will not be able to quickly find and remove it, which means that to detect the stolen car, the legal owner will only have to look at the computer or smartphone screen. A unique program will show where the satellites locate the beacon. A GPS beacon can be installed on any vehicle, but for it to work as described, it must be correctly selected, installed, and connected.

When choosing an accurate GPS tracker, consider which software it works with and which satellites it addresses. The best option is if the device uses not only the American network of satellites but also GLONASS. Of course, it must be compatible with the operating system used by the smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Although most navigation software developers try to adapt programs for all current operating systems, releasing versions for Windows, Android, and iOS, there may be exceptions.

Tracking sensitivity. This characteristic depends on whether the car can be tracked in the presence of obstacles. To achieve good sensitivity, choose models based on A-GPS. They maintain high accuracy even with solid barriers.

When buying, you should pay attention to the following features:

  • Memory card. There are GPS trackers on sale with and without built-in memory cards. Memory allows you to store information about the route and location of the car for a long time. But the maximum amount of it is optional. Consider your conditions and tasks: corporations that track the movement of their cargo and couriers use a large amount of memory as a rule.

  • Temperature regime. Most models of trackers are designed for temperatures down to minus ten. Pay attention to this parameter if the operating conditions are severe and the temperature may drop below the indicated mark.

The Cube tracker meets all of the above reliability parameters, allowing you to quickly fix all indicators and track your location worldwide in real-time, using all available parameters with minimal risks and costs.

Benefits and characteristics of Cube tracker

The Cube GPS tracker for your vehicle has many valuable qualities, so the device is trendy worldwide, allowing it to provide everyone with the required efficiency and reliability. Among the critical parameters of use, you should pay attention to the following:

  • You can easily track all your assets with simple settings. For example, you can install this tracker not only in a car. Ego can track the current location of vehicles, people, personal belongings, and pets. Thoughtful design and functionality make installing this equipment in almost any place possible. Due to the optimal rating, you can take advantage of all the program's benefits anytime. This is an ideal tracker to ensure the safety and security of your funds.

  • The Cube GPS tracker uses different performance mechanisms to track GPS signals and Wi-Fi, allowing you to record all performance indicators with minimal effort for each user. You can also transfer data using Bluetooth, enabling you to receive location data promptly or transfer different voluminous files over any distance.

  • The Cube tracker has a reasonably long battery life. You can use it without charging in active mode for up to two months, which opens up vast opportunities for each user. With the help of a monthly prepayment, you can easily adjust the tracker to individual needs to ensure a high-quality result. The device goes into an energy-saving mode if no movement is detected during use. This allows you to save resources significantly and optimize them for the performance of individual tasks.

  • If necessary, you can use the software to provide your location to other users so they can find you much faster in everyday life. Save the history of your site and trips, and choose your favorite routes using special tools and a built-in navigator. Display all information on maps in real-time.

  • Set messages about your network to optimize all tasks. You can easily save and synchronize information between all your devices to get high-quality results during operation.

Cube is a GPS tracker with high reliability and efficiency, so it is trendy among many modern users who care about the safety of personal vehicles. 

Can the Cube be used to Track a car: terms of use

The Cube device can be used to track the location of a vehicle. For this, it is enough to install it on the car. Please note that unauthorized tracking is punishable by law. That is why you cannot follow other people with impunity. This equipment can be easily used for personal needs with minimal costs and without unique risks. In addition, the Cube GPS tracker has waterproof properties so that it can be easily installed in any condition, regardless of weather conditions.

How far does the Cube tracker go when tracking?

Cube is a GPS tracker that has broad functionality. It allows you to collect up-to-date information about the location at a sufficiently large distance due to the mechanisms used. You will always be able to know where yours are with minimal costs and effort for yourself. Use only certified and verified tracking equipment.

Does Cube Tracker have a monthly fee: is the app free?

Please note that for the equipment to work, you must purchase a paid subscription to the application. Tariff plans differ depending on what functions may be required during operation. You can easily select the best tariff plan according to your individual preferences. There is a monthly and yearly plan. The annual program benefits those who regularly use the Cube tracker.

GPS tracker for vehicles and personal belongings Cube has many positive features. The manufacturer provides an official guarantee for the equipment, which guarantees a long service life for the technical equipment. You may also be interested in a GPS jammer to block the work of tracking equipment and take full advantage. Jammer Store offers a wide range of such equipment.

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