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Bouncie intelligent driving: companion of the main functions of the GPS tracker

The Bouncie GPS tracker is a smart device that tracks your vehicle's location. With it, you ensure a high level of safety and comfort during the trip, following all the main parameters of the car. The GPS tracker can be easily connected using a unique built-in port, so everyone can set it up to work in the car. Also, the GPS tracker Bouncie can be appropriately combined with Tesla.

If necessary, the tracking device can be blocked with a civilian signal blocker so that no outsider can obtain individual user information. You can easily find all the trip details, fix any notifications about a scheduled technical inspection, and use diagnostic systems.

The Bouncie GPS tracker can be helpful for parents who want to monitor their children while driving. It provides the maximum level of operating comfort and peace of mind by giving all alerts about the current status while driving a vehicle. With the help of equipment, the vehicle's functioning is simplified, the risks of quick breakdown are reduced, and the overall service life is extended. 

Advantages and features of the Bouncie GPS tracker: does it work when the car is turned off?

GPS tracker Bouncie is very popular in today's market. The device is characterized by ease of use and several built-in functions that make the device compact, functional, and easy to use daily. Using the gadget, you can track recent trips or trip history. You can receive up-to-date notifications about emergencies and possible problems on the roads. The system is being improved so that it cannot be easily blocked, even when using a mobile GPS jammer.

Among the key advantages of the equipment, you should pay attention to the following:

  • GPS tracker Bouncie is easy to set up with a simple interface. All controls are in prominent places, so everyone can efficiently deal with all the main parameters of technical equipment.

  • No need for a formal contract. It enhances functionality and ease of use. Each user can choose a suitable maintenance plan that suits the individual costs of each.

  • Updates occur every 15 seconds. This allows you to track only the current location of your vehicle in real-time from any device with minimal cost.

It should be noted that the tracking works all the time. You need to turn off the Bouncie GPS tracker to turn it off. You get the best result at the lowest cost. Also, the design needs to be equipped with a mobile communication function, so you cannot use the connection using old-generation SIM cards. 

Installing and configuring the Bouncie GPS tracker in the car

The cost of the device depends on which software plan you choose. The subscription price varies for each user. You can connect several gadgets simultaneously into a single system to track the location and fully control your vehicle's parameters.

The process of setting up and setting all the parameters takes little time. It takes 15 minutes to install the equipment in the car. GPS tracker Bouncie is controlled by special software that can be installed from the official site. Next, you need to create a personal account and buy a subscription. You must also specify information about the connected vehicle to track all parameters.

To get started, press the button. Additionally, users can contact the technical support service if connection difficulties arise. You can install the Bouncie GPS tracker in any convenient place by connecting to the appropriate port. Also, read the reviews of other users beforehand to choose the best option with the functional parameters of the equipment. After installation, you need to drive a car for a bit to calibrate all the main parameters and set the accuracy of the tracking device. Then you can view statistics about your trip and set the parameters of the car.

Bouncie GPS tracker has many valuable features for constant use. Everyone can customize the settings for themselves. For example, you can add alerts about accidents or a reminder to visit a service center. The application offers the possibility of getting acquainted with all the valuable information while tracking the vehicle's location.

For example, you can set the parental control feature. This is an excellent opportunity to track the location of your children if they are driving the car on their own. You should also pay special attention to the fact that it is possible to block tracking signals with a universal jammer, so you should be careful. 

How do I get rid of Bouncie: Key Specifications

Bouncie GPS is a functional device that has many valuable characteristics and features. Among the main ones, special attention should be paid to the following:

  • Real-time location tracking. This is possible with the help of motion sensors and a stable connection to the network every 15 seconds, so you always receive only up-to-date location data.

  • Geofence setting. You can set the active zone. If the car leaves it, an appropriate alert should be set, which will allow you to control the vehicle's location within reason.

  • Identification of accidents. With the help of the Bouncie GPS tracker, you can identify possible emergencies, a sharp decrease in speed, or other negative signs. As a result, this increases the chances of users responding promptly.

  • Help on the way. If you run out of gas or have other troubles, then appropriate action can be taken immediately to avoid potential problems in the future.

  • Dangerous driving alert. If children do not drive safely, you can set an alert for exceeding the set minimum speed.

The Bouncie GPS tracker is a useful device for parents that allows them to control the quality and safety of their children's driving. With the help of the gadget, you can easily monitor all the parameters.

If you are having trouble communicating with children about using a GPS tracker, then it is best not to talk about it, as a communication jammer can use them to block tracking signals or turn off the device.

Useful functions of car GPS tracker Bouncie

GPS tracker Bouncie is also a helpful device for companies. With it, business owners can track the driver's location to understand how efficiently he fulfills his direct obligations. Bouncie provides these enterprise features:

  • Travel history. You can view driving time, stops, and many other parameters while moving, receiving real-time data.

  • Save previous trips. You can choose the best travel route according to the already saved data.

  • Personal settings. You can use the Bouncie GPS tracker for individual purposes to monitor performance indicators.

  • Maximum distance. You can record how much you drive to plan all your trips.

  • Inspection plan. With it, your transport will always remain functional and intact.

You can also control the connection to other smart devices to keep all performance settings in sync and make your life easier. 

Usage plan and technical features of Bouncie GPS tracker for car

Compared to other Bouncie devices, the GPS tracker provides an affordable subscription to support the application on all devices. Payment is made every month. If necessary, you can easily unsubscribe from a paid subscription.

Is the Bouncie GPS tracker suitable for use?

The GPS tracker Bouncie is distinguished by its functionality and ease of use compared to analogs. This is an affordable solution for those who want to control all their trips. Jammer Store recommends you take care of your movements' security and reduce the tracking risks.

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