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Attention! Birds And Bugs Are Now Spying On You!

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Dayton, Ohio, Wright–Patterson Air Force Base. Some Ph.D. nominees are working together on micro air vehicles for military purposes. You can also call them small flying mechanisms that are remotely controlled. Those micro machines are frequently "bio-inspired" — scientists study different birds and bugs and then construct them. "If you would close your look and think of some pigeon, that is about the largest size that we wish to get," that was said by Leslie Perkins, who works on this micro program directly at the Air Force Research Lab. She says that the smallest ones would be about the scale of a dragonfly.

Micro Dragonfly Model

Modern spying technology

They are mild pictures of nature, but those micro vehicles would be utilized in a way that research laboratory calls the "war fighter," which is made to "improve overall weapon flexibility." Ph.D. nominee Steve Ross is prepared to fly his little quad-rotor helicopter, that is about the scale of a portable computer. It has four engines that function in opposition, thus it may rise and plunge and bank as it should. Ross has a rank of lieutenant colonel and he is working on his doctorate at the local Air Force Institute of Technology. And he also says that this project will become his dissertation.

"These tiny unmanned vehicles are awesome for surveillance, or just to look around, or to gather information, but they are extremely short on their battery power," Ross says.

Quad Rotor Helicopter

He is now working on the system which would let those micros take power from any utility lines. They will fly up in very slowly, and then utilize special hook to fasten upon.


Powerful devices

"Hang a pair on the power line for them to be able to recharge their batteries, then send any of them directly on-site and just cycle through them like you were constantly coming off of the tanker and you may keep one micro always on station while other would grant you stable presence." he says.

Mini Surveillance Beetle

Using jammers

Those remotely controlled surveillance machines would translate video and audio signals they get by means of wireless signals and even 4G frequencies. Thus in order to secure yourself from this really advanced type of surveillance you can use spy camera jammer and 4G jammer, which in combination would grant you needed safety and peace of mind.

So, what do you think about all those recent surveillance inventions? Do you like them or do you scared of them? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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