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Zonar Systems: More Than Simple GPS Tracking

Zonar Systems

Zonar Systems is the company that provides transportation companies with fleet management systems. Those systems are made for real-time truck tracking and not only for that. The system they have been developed is the complex system that allows operators of the fleet management center to get the most reliable data about the fleet whereabouts in real time. But let’s talk about one after another.

GPS location data

The main electronic device that does the biggest part of the work is called V2J. When it is in the truck, it provides not only the GPS location data (latitude, longitude and time) but also the odometer data. Can you imagine that? And that is not all! This small device also reads all data from truck subsystems and sends them to the operator. So the company you work for will know all about what, when and how you do anything in your truck.

18 wheel truck

Yet the V2J system had one huge disadvantage – it was vulnerable to harsh conditions and worked not always with the maximum efficiency or even stopped its work at all. So Zonar Systems created Wombat – the advanced real-time GPS tracking device for truck fleets that has the original V2J system inside of the rugged case developed to withstand even the worst environment like snow, dust, dirt, water and even salt. And it can be easily attached to the vehicle due to the magnetic mounting kit.

Zonar V2J 

As you can see, the huge amount of data collected by Zonar V2J is going directly to the operators of the fleet management center. They use Ground Traffic Control Application to analyze all of it and be aware of your every move and what is going on with your truck. So the system is really nice and works with enviable reliability. Still its tracking mechanism can be stopped.

Truck on the icy road

Blocking Zonar V2J 

In most cases companies use V2J system in the Wombat case due to its advantages mentioned above, thus you cannot reach it in a simple way. So the sure-fire way to get rid of this system is to block the signal of the Zonar V2J Wombat directly and for sure. By the way, you can watch how the device that allows you to do that is working in this video:

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