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Your iPhone May Track You. It Also Sees Everything You Do, Beware!


Mobile gadgets such as smartphones and tablets are considered to be really dangerous devices, because they contain lots of our private and sensitive information and have the abilities to spy on us. There are lots of various exploits and specialized mobile apps that can harm the information stored on your smartphones or tablets. By the way, the quantity of malicious mobile applications grows and Android OS is a leader in it. But there are a couple of issues that has put an idea in our heads that not only Android is dangerous, iOS may be dangerous too. We've stumbled upon lots of articles where people tell that iPhones and iPads can spy on us and that those functions were predefined by the manufacturer.

Trojan apps

They say that iOS may contain trojan apps that can gather and analyze user's information, make photos and video and send all that data to a third parties. We at can tell you that it is not really legible to say that, because in order to prove those words somebody has to hack an iOS source code, which is intellectual property of Apple Inc. and hacking it is illegal.

But in the meantime, there is a way to steal photo and video data from the devices running iOS 6. The exploit lies in the Safari browser. As long as it supports HTML5, evildoers may steal the data from it using a simple HTML code. That requires some activity form the user, but the backdoor really exists. We hope that it will be fixed with some future updates. Also that exploit do not need a Flash or Silverlight plugin, so the sphere of it use may be really wide.


Also it is worth mentioning that in September 2012 a hackers community “Anti Security” has stated that Apple works with CIA and FBI. That community also told that in march 2012 they have hacked a Dell Vostro notebook that belongs to Kristoffer Strangle, FBI agent. They have discovered a file “NCFTA_iOS_devices_intel.csv”, which contained more than 12 million of unique devices identifiers (UDID). Which UDID was linked to a name of the device, user's name, address and a phone number.

FBI has officially denied that information, but independent experts have proven its authenticity. Hackers have published that information and many people have found their own names and devices on that list. So, form that point rumors about that Apple's gadgets may spy on us sounds not so strange and unprovable.

New positioning techniques

Another interesting fact here is that warrantlessly gathered photo and video information may be actualized with a positioning data. Now they can know the coordinates of every photo and even track your location in the real time thanks to built-in GPS/GLONASS module and cell tower triangulation. Thanks to new positioning techniques your location will be visible even indoors, where GPS in unavailable.


Such data actualization is possible due to NAVSEA project, developed by the military and Indiana University. That technology makes it possible to create a high-quality 3D model of the room, where the mobile phone was situated. It is possible due to combining the data from accelerometer and built-in compass with the picture itself. That model is far more useful for stealing sensitive data than a set of various pictures.

So, there is a possibilities that your mobile devices may peep on you. Android already has a couple of really dangerous apps and now iOS becomes vulnerable too. It is really hard to say whether iPhones and iPads are spying on us, but it is always better to think about protection, before the danger comes, so probably it will be better to use GSM/GPS signal jammer to hide from tracking and block any attempts of hidden data transmissions.

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