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You Can't Attend Our School Unless You Have RFID Tracker

RFID Badge

Do you remember your school years? Were there hundreds of bright and exciting moments? Andrea Hernandez, a student from Texas Northside Independent School will surely remember her school years, but with not really happy memories. That’s all because she was recently suspended when refused to wear RFID tracking badge, which were adopted in her school.

Hernandez family thinks that those RFID tracking chips infringe with privacy and religious rights. And that’s quite true, because you will be tracked, all your personal information is recorded within a barcode on that badge and nowadays almost every modern smartphone can read it. So, literally everyone can get your personal information and even track your movements.

Those RFID chips were meant to monitor movements of students while there are at the school and at the campus. That was made because that school is a state-financed one and its funding depends on the daily attendance. That means that if a student is at school, but not in a classroom, the school will not receive the money for teaching this particular student. The RFID tracking system was meant to approve that fact that student has attended school automatically. So the Northside Independent School will not lose its funds.

Andrea was notified that she will have to attend another school, where RFID is not used, if she refuses to wear the tracking badge. The story circles the internet for some time and the topic is pretty hot. Lots of people are discussing that and many of those guys think that the girl is right. Andrea’s went to court recently and the suspension is temporary blocked due to the further investigation.


That occasion shows again that American people are starting to lose their freedom because those RFID chips are used not only in that particular Texas high school, but in Sacramento and Houston.  RFID also can be found in various implants and now we can see that this technology can be easily used for tracking us.

That is why more and more people are thinking about protection of their privacy. And that’s the time Jammer-Store Corp. can help you. To find out what to do to stop the RFID tracking we should know how it works. The RFID (radio frequency identification) system consists of the RFID tag, scanning antenna and RFID transceiver for receiving and interpreting the data. By the way the tag can be programmed to carry about 2000 bytes of information.

There are two major types of RFID tags: active and passive. Active tags require a power source, they can be read form greater distances and their life cycle is up to 10 years. Passive tags use no energy, the distance they are accessible form is smaller, but their life span is theoretically unlimited.


As you’ve already understood the RFID tag uses radio frequencies to serve as a unique identifier for the thing he is programmed for. It uses a wide variety of frequencies from MF to UHF and that is why it is pretty hard to block that identification. We’ve developed a jamming device that will be able to work with those low frequencies, but it is a huge stationary RFID blocker. The main reason it can’t be small and portable is that it needs lots of energy and it produces lot of heat. The frequency band is too wide for an ordinary jammer.

Remember, do not give them your freedom, because if you’ll give them an inch they will take a hundred miles.

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