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Wireless Safety Or Will Wireless Security System Be Able To Protect Us

Wireless Security

New technologies brings not only the convenience to our lives, but also new risks and dangers. But it is possible to use them for additional security. Today we will look through a couple of wireless gadgets that enhance our safety and the safety of our property. There are lots of that kind of devices, but most of them are made to track down thieves.

First thing here is the system that can track a stolen mobile phone. There are a lot of applications that are able to do that and they use GPS module of the smartphone that is stolen. The most up to date versions can even use cell tower triangulation to find the stolen mobile device. Those apps are also able to send a new phone number to an owner, if a thief will change the SIM card. An example of those apps is Find My iPhone.

Tracking Apps

Another class of mobile anti theft devices are various RFID and Bluetooth tags. They are small and frequently used as trinkets and all they do is maintaining connection with your phone, or another trinket attached to a phone, and when the distance between the phone and the tag is bigger than the pre-tuned one the device will ring the alarm. It won't track your cell phone, but will remind you if you will forget it somewhere.

When it comes to security we may see that wireless technologies are used in this area rather widely. There are already car alarms with GPS trackers and they use cell tower triangulation too. And as you can see all those wireless technologies are made to track thieves and prevent crimes against your property. But do they really work and is there a way to get around them?

We at jammer-store thought about this question after seeing the news about NYPD tries to install GPS trackers in pain reliever's bottles to track thieves down. That's quite an expensive solutions and big companies will have to spend lots of money and time to create small and portable GPS trackers so police will be able to locate all the thieves.

Tracking Drugs

But just think of how easy it is to open the bottle and put all the pills into another one, without GPS. That's obvious and thieves will probably do it. Out point is in that is it worth to build expensive security systems, if they can be easily avoided. We should also mention that in this case with those pills the solution is obvious and it requires no special knowledge, skills or equipment.

And that's not the only example of such a weak security gadget. Just look at the car alarms, that can be disarmed with code grabbers. They make stealing your car even easier. That's the main reason those RC jammers are so popular, but the whole situation is wrong. You need to pay to get your car protected, then you have to pay again, to make sure that your car won't be stolen thanks to a previous upgrade.

But the most dangerous here are wireless security systems. It is dangerous to rely on them, because thieves use wireless technologies too and they can block those alarms. That's why police always recommend to prefer hard-wired systems.

So we always recommend you to check all your security systems and to be really careful when it comes to something wireless, because wireless data transmission will always be vulnerable.

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